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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Marmalade - Reflections Of My Life.mp3

My first musical memory of the ‘sensational’ seventies – other than trying to play my 1969 Christmas present of a three bob Woolworths mouth-organ along to ‘Two Little Boys’ - is this track from Scotland’s finest pop outfit – Marmalade.

I like this track. It sums up how I feel just now. Yeah, I know it’s a bit formulaic – and you can blame songwriters Dean Ford and Junior Campbell for that. (Junior went on to pen the theme from Thomas The Tank Engine, so I tug my forelock toward his PRS cheques). By the way, if you think the name Marmalade is shite, well just be aware that they changed it from Dean Ford & The Gaylords!

Any breakfast comestible puns re my other fave bands such as The Jam and Bread should be slid into the well lubricated ‘Comments’ box before you steal away into the night.

Fond regards to all who still enter ‘The Wife’.
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