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Friday, April 29, 2005

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Pogues - the band played waltzing matilda.mp3

It is 90 years this very week since the bloody Gallipoli campaign which cost the lives of more than 100,000 Allied and Turkish soldiers - with another quarter of a million wounded. Allied leaders/ decision makers, included Lord Kitchener and Winston Churchill ('the Greatest Britain ever'). The Campaign was a complete fiasco; poorly planned and badly executed. The Australian & New Zealand Army Corps (the ANZACS) saw their most significant losses ever. Indeed, the saying arose that Australia became a nation founded on the blood of the soldiers who died at Gallipoli.

This haunting 'folk' song - And The Band Played 'Waltzing Matilda - was written by popular Scottish-Australian balladeer Eric Bogle in 1971. Interpretations vary, but some end with a haunting rendition of 'Waltzing Matilda'. This version by The Pogues is from the album Rum, Sodomy & The Lash and lends itself to Shane MacGowan's honest rawness.

It's the most powerful anti-war song I know and, although nominally about Gallipoli, may be equally about Vietnam (different decades, different countries, different protagonists, much the same outcomes). Eric Bogle penned this song having witnessed the annual ANZAC Veterans parade.

So, take some time for a few minutes of interruption-free peace and quiet. Turn up the volume and listen to the words.

Perhaps there, my friend, but for the grace of a god, go us all.
Lest we forget.
(click here to buy Rum Sodomy And The Lash from AmazonUK)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ice T - Colors.mp3

From the soundtrack Colors from the 1988 smash directed by Dennis Hopper and starred in by Robert Duvall. It tells the tale of gang life in America when it was at its peak, it was also a catalyst to hole avalanche of similar type flicks like "Boyz In The Hood" & "Menace 2 Society". Surrounded by controversy at the time because white america thought that it glamorised gang villance and they were terrified that their teenagers would get involved in the scene.

From the famous first lines "I am a, nightmare walkin', psychopath talkin' / king of my jungle, just a gangster stalkin'..." to eerily accurate observations like "We gangs of LA will never die - just multiply" and "We all want peace / but our war won't end till all wars cease," Ice-T succeeds in explaining the gangbanger mentality in simple terms and comes across highly credible, both on a rhetorical and on a performance level. The menacing power hiding just below the cold reasoning, as well as simple yet effective writing ("My gang's my family, it's all that I have / I'm a star, on the wall's my autograph") make "Colors" one of the best depictions of a lifestyle rap music regularly likes to associate itself with. While his acting talents were not yet put to use in _Colors_, whoever picked Ice-T to compose its theme song made an excellent choice.

"You don't know me, fool
You disown me? Cool...
I don't need your assistance, social persistance
Any problem I got, I just put my fist in
My life is violent but violent is life
Peace is a dream, reality is a knife
My color's my honor, my color's my all
with my colors upon me one soldier stands tall
Tell me, what have you left me, what have I got?
Last night in cold blood my young brother got shot
my homeboy got jacked, my mother's on crack
my sister can't work cause her arms show tracks
Madness, insanity, live in profanity
then some punk claim that they understandin' me?
Give me a break, what world do you live in?
Death is my sect, guess my religion"

To Buy this track and many more click here.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Magnolia Elecric Co. - The Night Shift Lullaby.mp3

If you have listened to Clone4231's Steve Albini post earlier today, you could be forgiven for not hearing any link between Big Black and The Magnolia Electric Co. track here, but Albini recorded both the Magnolia albums at his own Electrical Audio studio employing his trademark "record the room" style.
[Whilst we are on the subject, there's a great essay by Mr Albini here, which will enlighten you as to why the music industry is an evil cesspit of money grabbing leeches and vermin!]

Jennie Benford appeared on Songs:Ohio's album Didn't It Rain in 2002 and features heavily on the new What Comes After The Blues album, most of the time playing a very good "Emmylou" to Jason Molina's "Neil", however on The Night Shift Lullaby she steps out of the shadows and into the limelight lending both her songwriting and vocal skills.
Her performance is really good, and gets better with repeated listens, but what really makes this track for me are those haunting steel guitar lines played by Mike Brenner. His playing is the perfect accompaniment to Molina's world weary vocals on the rest of the album, often howling out in the night like a wolf on the opposite side of the valley. (is it just me or is anybody else getting a rush of Johnny Marr a la Shakespeare's Sister in the chorus'?)

Jason Molina does make an appearance on this track on guitar (it says on the secretly canadian web site), and i am guessing that's him at about 2:45, when a couple of heart-string bends just bring the whole thing down a bit momentarily, injecting a touch more melancholy into the mix.

Although maybe not quite as good as the first Magnolia album (but then what is?), What Comes.. sees the band at the top of their game, and if you haven't already got your tickets to see them on their epic world tour this summer, then may i suggest that you head over to www.magnoliaelectricco.com.
The web site sets a standard that i would like to see a lot more artists follow, they have an archived live shows page, where you can choose from 12 gigs to download (flac format - which you can play with WinAmp5).
(click here to buy What Comes After The Blues from AmazonUK)

Big Black – Kerosene

Steve Albini on guitar (ka-ching-ka-ching-ka-ching-ka chink ka-chinga-chinga!) spitting out lyrics bellowed through distorted megaphone. I see blood and fire and destruction. Hate felt coursing through eyeballs red screaming. Argh! Argh! Argh!

A much calmer alternative to listening to Big Black and getting in touch with your angrier side is to have a nice cup of tea and take up cross-stitch.

Kerosene is from the Atomizer [1987] album which was subsequently re-released with a new name, Rich Man's 8 Track, in '92 on Touch And Go. Despite it's name, it is a CD so you don't have to get yourself an 8 track machine off e bay to play it! And you also get 1987's follow-up Headache EP on there too, bargain!
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Monday, April 25, 2005

Denim - track 10?.mp3

Here's a treat for all you Denim fans, i know you're out there! It's from the unreleased album Denim Take Over.
For the uninitiated Denim are the brain child of one Lawrence, aka "Lawrence from Felt", the band he released 10 albums and 10 singles with throughout the 80s. Many think Felt were his major achievement but it's with Denim that he really comes into truly original form.
As for this song i couldn't believe my ears when i first heard it, has ever a song more beautifully summed up the mysteries of love? Forget your Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands, and your Islands In The Stream, this has it all.

Luckily for Lawrence fans there is a new Go Kart Mozart album on the way (his latest incarnation) which should be unbelievable, if the last GKM album "Instant Wigwam And Igloo Mixture" is anything to go by.
For those already under Lawrence's influence you should do everything you can to get hold of Denim Take Over, but if you are new to Denim and like what you hear then you should probably head straight for their masterpiece Denim On Ice.
Or if you want more mp3 action, there are three tracks from the Back In Denim['92] album posted here.
(click here to buy Denim On Ice from AmazonUK)

Friday, April 22, 2005

debasserjo boxersgang starr
the clint boon experiencethe prodigyshawn philips
On all Fridays from now on we are going to start the weekend early with a "blind" DJ set where all "Last Night..." contributors throw a song into the mix. None of us know what any of the others are choosing so it should usually be a real random selection. There's no words on a Friday either, well apart from these ones, but we are hoping that you might wanna stick something in the comments to let us know what you like, or even what you don't.... click the old radio to stream all mp3s on the homepage, and here's hoping you have a great weekend from all at Last Night!

Griff: Debaser - fat girls.mp3 [buy it]
DVD: Jo Boxers - boxer beat.mp3 [buy it]
DeFish: Gang Starr - just to get a rep.mp3 [buy it]
Ignatius: The Clint Boon Experience - white no sugar.mp3 [buy it]
Dr Johnny: Shawn Philips - i'm tired.mp3 [buy it]
Clone: The Prodigy - poison.mp3 [buy it]

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Jim Morrison - Newborn Awakening.mp3

I think most people know about the tale of Jim as a child when on a family holiday witnessed a car crash and watched a young indian boy dying at the side of the road, however I'm not sure people realise the extent of the impact that this incident played on his entire life. Jim later claimed that the spirit of child entered his body as he passed away, I believe this was just Jim's way coping with the situation.
This track fuses together funky beats of the doors peace frog with the enigmatic poetry of morrison telling the tale of that chance moment on the desert highway. However Jim always wanted to be recognised more for his poetry rather than being a rock god and a sex idol to millions. The album it comes from, American Prayer was released postumously, using recordings of his poetry that he had made after he moved to Paris, the Doors completed it by adding the music after his death.
His poetry book "lords and the new creatures" is well worth checking out if you like that sort of thing. Morrison always had a great talent with words and using them to great effect, a truly talented wordsmith of a modern generation. just check out "horse latitudes" where you can actually feel like you are experiencing the events as they unfold when the sea takes the lives of the horses and their riders. click here to buy from Amazon

fIREHOSE - what gets heard.mp3

...or should that be Watt Gets Heard.

fIREHOSE formed when the Minutemen suddenly ceased to be after the death of singer/guitarist D Boon, who was killed in an accident on the way back from a gig in 1985.
Mike Watt (bass/vox, beard) and George Hurley (drums, right) considered retiring from playing music until a Minutemen fan, Ed Crawford (guitar/vox, left) persuaded them to form fIREHOSE, another 3 piece.

Both Firehose and the Minutemen had a great punk attitude that leant more towards trashing the traditional music industry mechanisms rather than dumbing down and spitting a lot. Both bands hated the idea of the "rock star" and were a peoples band! yeah!

Mike Watt is still a punk rock hero to this day, embracing the internet as a means of getting his message out there. He maintains a web site that is crammed with info, pics, videos as well as links to his radio show "the watt from pedro show" (which due to popularity and bandwidth limitations is only available to access on the weekends).
He also publishes diaries from his travels (like from the European tour he did playing bass with Iggy and The Stooges). And there's many many interviews and press articles to read on there, i have only just begun to graze the surface myself.

This track is taken from Firehose's third album, From Ohio.
(click here to buy From Ohio from AmazonUK)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Lou Reed - a gift.mp3

The latest Antony and the Johnsons recording (see earlier posting, and be sure to download it if you haven’t by now…you won’t be sorry (actually, you will be sorry, cos it's been taken down now! - ed)) has rarely been off the Really stereo…and it’s messing our minds up. It’s had us weeping, wailing, gnashing our teeth, contemplating the mysteries of life, love, and gender re-alignment surgery.

Or was that the cheese-spiked nightmare I had after watching Channel 5’s plastic surgery show? (turn on, tune in, and projectile vomit, kind readers…last time I saw it, someone’s face was being peeled off…then a shrivelled and spindly ‘Johnson’ was injected with pork fat...and its all hosted by Vanessa Feltz…gah!)

Anyway, so I found myself musing on the Johnsons...trains of thought jumped tracks, humped, bumped and shunted; ploughed headlong through autumn leaves; wheezed, heaved, farted, and finally ground to a halt to find me reaching for Coney Island Baby for the first time in years.

So many reasons to love this album, Lou Reed in top form, such a mellow sound you’re almost fooled into thinking it bland. Wonderful, misty backing vocals hazing in and out of the mix, sweet, glistening guitar, and in the title track surely one of the strongest lyrics of his career…

But balls to all that, I want you to hear A Gift instead, wherein the bard of brooklyn claims to be “a gift to the women of this world.” And then goes on to embellish this claim, all drawly and pokerfaced.

I’ve never heard such preposterous bragging. At this point in his life (not long after claiming how incredibly gay he was in Transformer, and by then dating a pre-op transsexual called Rachel), one can only marvel at the onion layers of irony wrapped tightly around it.

Was he taking the piss? Asserting his masculinity? Making some kind of statement on sexual identity?
Who gives a shit, you’ll be singing it in the shower for a week...
(click here to buy Coney Island Baby from AmazonUK)

HAL - worry about the wind (original demo).mp3

If you come by this blog often then you could maybe guess that I would be getting a copy of the HAL album when it hits the shelves on Monday.

The NME review last week claimed that the production values on the album had somehow smoothed off a bit of the character that the original demo's had. And although i haven't heard the album yet, so can't really comment, i did find myself listening over and over to the demo version of Worry About The Wind which was on the What A Lovely Dance single at the start of the year.

For those who need more HAL before Monday, the band are currently doing shows in the UK supporting Brendan Benson, check their website for dates.
(click here to buy from AmazonUK)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Thunderclap Newman - something in the air.mp3

This track, dear reader, has everything.

I'd not posted this song before, as I assumed (wrongly, as it turned out) that every man and his dog would already know it. And, as we at 'Last Night...' like to mine nuggets from the more shadowy goldmines, I had neglected it. It transpires that many folk (particularly those under 25) have not heard it. So, if music be the food of love, wrap your fat face 'round this banquet!

In the Summer of '69, not only did Mr B Adams get his first real 6-string, but an unknown and rather strange UK combo hit No1 with this fuck-me-sit-up-and-take-notice-debut of soaring optimism. The song's surreal vision, changing directions and barrelhouse piano grabbed the audience by the short and curlies. ... Cos the revolution was here!

Thunderclap Newman were originally formed as a side project by Pete Townshend of The Who as the sixties came to an end . They had one album, Hollywood Dream and this one major hit, Something In The Air which topped the UK charts and reached No37 in the US. They then broke up in 1970.
The odd-to-say-the-least original band consisted of top pianist Andy Newman, 16 year-old Jimmy McCulloch (who would later join Macca's post Beatles group Wings) and Speedy (John) Keen on vocals and drums. Keen had worked as Townshend's driver. The windmilling Who man not only produced this but saw himself as '4th band member'. Both McCulloch and Keen died young. This track has been pilfered, prodded and sampled by many over the years - particularly advert producers. The original still shines like a beacon.

Let us know what you think of this song. Don't just sit and listen dear friend. Post your comment NOW.
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Dead Kennedys - California Uber Alles.mp3

It seems that American politics hasn't changed since the early eighties. Of course, I had as profound an interest in US politics then as I do now, but apathy aside, you can't help wondering why the most powerful nation on Earth elects Ronald Reagan as Governor of California and then President.
Does that mean good old Arnie will grace the lawns of the White House in days to come? You can bet your bottom dollar that his next election campaign tag-line will be "I'll be back!" and he'll win. Sheesh! Anyway, here are the Dead Kennedys convincing you that America is a police state and not the democracy they televise.
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Monday, April 18, 2005

Michael Head And The Strands - x hits the spot.mp3

My mp3 player randomly played this track whilst i was buying ice cream on Sunday afternoon in Asda. It was the perfect choice for that moment, I suppose it could have played The La's There She Goes, or the Velvet's Heroin, or even The Strangler's Golden Brown...
Not that i am battling an addiction to Haagen Dazs, but my mind was still heavy with images from the lysergic film Requiem For A Dream ("Plot Outline: The drug-induced utopias of four Coney Island individuals are shattered when their addictions become stronger" @IMDb) which i had watched in the early hours.
Anyone who has seen it will tell you, it is hardly a glamourisation of drug use, but when X Hits The Spot started up in the supermarket, for my ears only, the first scenes from the film to come to mind were those moments of ecstacy after a fix -when nothing matters, especially as Michael Head sings "what happened to all my furniture..." so matter of factly like he couldn't really give a shit.

I know the story of Shack and Micheal Head And The Strands was told frequently in the UK press when HMS Fable was released in '99 (check the Archive at Shacknet), but as people read this blog from all over the world i wondered if many beyond the UK were aware of this album?

The Magical World Of The Strands is an album that really endures, but then again, like the band, i always had an unhealthy obsession with Love's Forever Changes (their first band was called The Love Fountains in the early '80s before they became The Pale Fountains) so i suppose i am biased.
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Friday, April 15, 2005

Dexys Midnight Runners - burn it down.mp3

From now on all mp3's hosted on this site will be at 128kbps. The reasons for this are twofold.. 1. if we give away the best quality then there is a possibilty that people will just take what they can and never think twice about supporting the artists who we promote, and 2ndly. we have now got our streaming sorted out, and the lower the bitrate, the better it will work. Obviously for those reading this through their 56k modem on dial-up, sorry but you will probably not be able to enjoy this feature, but those of you at work/home/college on fast connections can now use the site in a way like never before. (all you have to do is click on the old radio in the right column and all of the mp3s on the homepage will be streamed to your PC with just one click!)

with this new feature in mind, we have also decided that we are gonna provide you with new content on a weekly basis, there is going to be 1 or 2 tracks posted EVERY day before 3:30 GMT. And on Fridays, starting next week, we are going to start the weekend early with a free for all where all Random Radio DJ's will post just music [five tracks in total], with no blurb.

so if you find that you sometimes check back and you have missed some tunes, then all you will have to do is maybe pop in once a week, and stream the lot, whilst you either read the posts (please!) or go about your usual on-line/work business. sorted.

the more curious of you may have noticed strange sounds ommiting from your PC when you hover above the old radio in the right colum, well this is the sound of you tuning into random radio (did you know that's the name of our server, and from where all these sounds are emitted... you do now!).
Some of you may recognize it - it is lifted from the opening of Dexys Midnight Runners album, and contender for the best debut of all time, Searching For The Young Soul Rebels. So it seems fitting to post the opening track from that t

Compact Disc Jockey - Cant Get You Out Of My 24 Hour Party.mp3

Can't get you out of my head by kylie must be the most versatile track I've ever heard, I mean whatever I have heard it mixed in to it always sounds great like Ludacris Whats Your Fantasy and New Orders Blue Monday to name but a few. This white label mix is on fire if I was to name a top 10 list of tunes to make you groove then this would be up there, this bad mutha will get even the most reluctant hard nosed straight laced punter on to the dance floor and falling over there 2 left feet.

There is quite a mysterious air surrounding the CDJ as very little is known of him, all I know is that there was 2 singles and no album release and the singles were given away free on his site that is now abandonded. His other single the B Side to this track can be found in our archives (MC_Blackpower ) I have also heard rumours that he might be related or had some relations with Constable Transubstandanation, (also posted in our archive) who knows I guess just CDJ. So what ever happened to this up and coming DJ Master who flirted with the idea of success before disapearing back in to the shadows like a creature of the night. If anybody has any information please let us know. Unfortunately there is no album for you to buy here but let this tune kickstart your weekend on high and lets pray that one day the enigma that is the Compact Disc Jockey may one day return to our dance floors with some more funky grooves to get on down.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Shangri-Las - Past, Present and Future.mp3

I would argue - preferably over a beer or 2 - that the finest 'girl group' of all time wasn't the all-conquering Supremes, the timeless Ronettes, nor even the life-affirming Spice Girls! No sir, the most shining, yet anguish-laden, heart-wrenching and interesting pop music femmes were those "tough girls with broken hearts" - The Shangri-Las.
Overarching both the rock n roll and the r&b circuit, four young, yet street-wise white girls from Queens, New York, hit the peak of their popularity 40 years ago in the whirlwind that was 1965. At a time when the music industry was unrecognisable from what it is today, the cat-suited Betty, MaryAnn, Margie and Mary captured the world - whilst handing it a piece of gum .

For an imperious read please see the tremendous "Out In The Streets - The Inside Story Of The Shangri Las" at www.girl-groups.com by John J Grecco.

This track - Past, Present & Future - is very much in the girls' narrative storytelling, style and arrangement. Far too strong for most radio stations at the time, the undertone and implication is heartfelt and deep. Young girls were just not singing about such things in the hit parade or on the jukebox. Is it autobiographical? The song "I Can Never Go Home Anymore" has a similar feel and emotional pull ... not to mention 'Leader Of The Pack'.

The music of The Shangri-Las has been widely covered - by artists as diverse as Aerosmith, Blondie, Louise Goffin and Twisted Sister! Indeed this track was recorded with great depth and meaning (not suprising - given her past) by Agnetha Faltskog (Abba's blonde girl) on her comeback album of 2004. Perhaps overwhelming passion is the reason for such disparate interest.

Seek out the music of the Shangri-Las and share the smiles, (Knickerbocker) glory and bittersweet tears.
(click here to buy the Best Of from AmazonUK)

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bobby Powell - Peace Begins Within.mp3

When we think of classic blind soul singers, we tend to think of the likes of Ray Charles & Stevie Wonder which is a real shame. Around 1941 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, out popped Bobby Powell who is a natural born soul singer who really could let out some mind blowing wails. Like many from the southern portions of the U.S. he could best be described as a soul singer whose roots went deep into gospel music, performing with church groups even while attending Southern University For The Blind. Bobby hooked up with one of the many small southern-based labels which simply did not have the financial means to push their artists. In Bobby's case, that was Lionel Whitfield's operation out of Shreveport, Louisiana which, naturally, he called Whit Records. Despite being with such a tiny label Powell's talent shined through and in 1965 his rendition of the song made famous 40 years earlier by Ma Rainey as See See Rider Blues, went to no1 on the Cash Box R&B charts, 12 on the Billboard R&B charts, crossed over to the Billboard Pop Hot 100 at 76 in December. He followed up with a couple of minor success's in 1967 with Why Am I Treated So Bad and then later in 1971 with The Bells On Our Wedding Day. Peace Begins Within is a protest song against the Vietnam war, however I don't hold this against it as the musical arrangements and the originality of Bobby's vocal really blow me away. So do yourself a favour and get yourself down to your nearest quality record store and pick up the best of for your collection. Or Alternatively click here and buy from Amazon.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Alessi Brothers - do you feel it.mp3

It's time to dust off those white pants and unbutton that pink shirt to the waist, for summer is here (well almost). It doesn't take much sun for me to get the Alessi Brothers on the car stereo and take a cruise down the strip. Which reminds me, i must give that Lori a call, oh boy what a show!
Anyway, you can get Do You Feel It on the first Alessi Brothers album, Alessi (if you can find it), in the meantime i'm off to Benny's, the best hairdresser in town. love ya... dr johnny.
(click here to buy Alessi at MusicStack)

Ann Peebles - I Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home.mp3

Ann Peebles makes music that moves you which is quite a talent to be blessed with. She was the biggest star in the Hi Records firmament with the exception of Al Green and had a voice with a real bite. Yet this stupefying soulstress never forgot to blend that bite with sultry sophistication, always riding lean Memphis charts with class and never overpowering her backings. Sure Peebles had a arousing vocal sound, but her '70s recordings brought deep emotions to the surface for listeners to share. Peebles could be forgiven for being a little miffed at receiveing the recognition she deserved, however she had many minor R&B hits during the Pet Rock and Ungame decade, the most popular of which is "I Can't Stand the Rain." Most of her best work is thankfully now available in this digital age, and her recent recordings are well worth hearing. For a good introduction to Ann and to listen to the pure beauty of her songs check out The Complete Ann Peebles On Hi Vol.1 1969 - 1973.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Delta - tonight.mp3

One reason that mp3 bloggers always put forward in their defense when the contentious debate of legality and/or morality of flaunting copyright issues arises is that they are doing the unknown artist a service by getting exposure for them that they wouldn't otherwise get. And this is especially true in this case, as Delta's career suffered more than most due to music business legal complications (see the last Delta post in the archive for details).

But if truth be told, sometimes this DJing to the world thing stems purely from that moment when you have to stop the track you are listening to half way through the first verse, in order to start it again with the volume turned way high, just cos it sounds so good. And with the power of the internet you can turn it up so loud that it fills all of the on-line world! (or maybe it will be played by a few people from each continent at the very least!)

Since I posted I'm Getting Darker by Delta last month i kept thinking of how I had written about James' voice, and how you could hear all the aforementioned misfortune in every syllable... well Tonight really captures him at his most fragile and for all of you who nearly did the click to buy thing (does anyone ever do that?), maybe this will swing it for you, cos if anyone ever deserved to be getting a new lease of life from us blogging those artists who missed out on successes in their time it's Delta.

Tonight is taken from the Laughing Mostly album on Dishy. An album of recordings made during their 5 years in the wilderness (read the archive!).
(click here to buy Laughing Mostly at AmazonUK)

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Antony And The Johnsons - my lady story.mp3

Next week sees the start of Antony And The Johnsons European tour with dates in Rotterdam and London on the 15th and 16th respectively. I haven't seen Antony live yet, but hear that the emotional power that he generates on stage is tenfold when compared to his recordings. I find that hard to comprehend as this years album I Am A Bird Now is one of those albums that is so hauntingly beautiful and compelling that it is a listening experience that music lovers spend years searching for. Not since Jeff Buckley's Grace, has an album affected me so profoundly.

A lot has been written about Antony and his background in Cabaret, but at the bottom of this page you can stream 27 minutes of interview and live clips [quicktime] where he talks about his formative musical and life experiences, and explains that it is the music where his heart is truly at. On the same page you can also hear edits of tracks from all his recordings dating back to 2000.
(click here to buy I Am A Bird from AmazonUK)

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Benny Sings - no more drinks.mp3

Great nights out are all too often followed by days when you have to struggle through whatever it is that you do, and today is one of those long long days for me.
The opening lyric "see your number on my mobile, but the truth is i can't recall your face" does help a little, i even manage a smile. The rest of the lyrics are pretty funny too, a new number in the mobile is the least of Benny's worries... dried blood on his pillow, probably from that fight with "those two bouncers", as well as remembering lying down on the dance floor.. "oh fool!"

This track is the perfect hangover cure, in fact by the outro Benny's voice fades away as he unconvincing sings "no more drinks for me" round and round, probably on his way to the fridge to grab a cold one. Always the best cure!

No More Drinks is from Benny Sings' second album I Love You on Sonar Kollektiv. It claims to be a live album recorded at Amsterdam's Bim Huis, but i think that's a hoax. It sounds to me like a studio album with some crowd noises from a gig mixed in afterwards. I may be wrong, and if i am then the London gig at the Old Truman Brewery on the 29th April will be increadible!
(click here for another taster from the album at Dox Records) then...
(click here to buy from AmazonUK)

Fugazi - merchandise.mp3

If you tire, like I do, of the endless dross of pop-punk that seems all the fashion, then let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of Fugazi. They'll play you something that I think you'll understand. That's if you can decipher the intense shouting of Ian MacKaye. Repeater is an awesome album, switching between the pleas of second vocalist Guy Picciotto and the aforementioned rage of Ian MacKaye. Always on the mark. Live they are tighter than the proverbial gnat's chuff. Merchandise is a call to cast of your material greed, shave your head and play grinding music while shouting your lungs out.
(click here to buy from Dischord)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bob Welch - church.mp3

According to Mick Fleetwood, Bob Welch saved Fleetwood Mac, which is ironic as Bob left the Mac in 1974. Between '75 and '79, they sold 18 million records in the US alone, but it is true that when he joined they were falling apart at the seams. Peter Green had "retired" and their guitarist Jeremy Spencer thought that his time would be better spent with religious sect "The Children Of God" .
So Bob Welch took lead guitar and vocal duties and recorded 5 LPs with the band before he too decided to "go his own way".

Church is from his second solo album, Three Hearts.
Although he never achieved the commercial success of Fleetwood Mac he made some great records that are well worth checking out.
(click here to buy Three Hearts from AmazonUK)

George Thorogood - Who Do You Love.mp3 Vs
Bo Diddley - Who Do You Love.mp3

George Vs Bo - On one hand you have George who definately adds a rockier edge to the track, that really makes you feel like putting on your leathers dusting the cobwebs off the old Harley, setting off down the M62 searching for the nearest bikers tavern and shouting to the barkeep "make mine a scotch and leave the bottle."

On the other you have Bo who makes you want to pick up the old guitar that hasn't seen the light of day since you bought it 15 years earlier when you watched the Stones 40 licks tour (that you watched on video cos you wasn't really cool enough to go and you had to see the in-laws that weekend anyway). You pick up the guitar nearly break your tooth trying to open a bottle of bud with your teeth, strap the harmonica around your neck and try out some Jeff Beck style bottle necking to Stairway To Heaven as that is the only tune you learnt how to play.

So both versions of this track make you want to recapture your lost youth and reminisce about the good old days, when the sun used to shine everyday and you used to walk down the streets with 2 girls on each arm, a real rebel without a clue. Oh if I could just go back for one more day just remember what it tasted like to feel so young with the world as my oyster and everyting was viewed through my rose tinted specs...........And that is what this track does for me which ever version I'm listening to , any song that can give you that feeling is certainly worth a listen.
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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Jam – tales from the riverbank.mp3

Forming a band? Try this blueprint for assuring integrity forever:

Hit the mark - Call a halt - Then fuck off.

The Jam recorded for 5 years (1977-82). In that time, they changed the lives of many, whilst (incidentally) becoming the biggest band in the UK.

They were accused at times (Paul Weller in particular) of being fashionably nihilistic, inherently miserable and steeped in unremitting cynicism. That, my friend, is complete bollocks. (I’m an old curmudgeon – so I know what I’m talking about) Besides, it is a fine line between cynicism and reality!

Much of the message of the music of The Jam was, in fact (to scattergun a phrase or two), about bringing hope into hearts, cuddling a warm girl, and dancing the night away with the gift of life. Because, when all is said and done, life is a drink – and you get drunk … when you’re young.

In the days when records had 2 sides, The Jam released strong ‘B Sides’ - which, by design, were rarely found on their albums. Tales From The Riverbank was c/w the single ‘Absolute Beginners’ in 1981. The stark contrast of a picture sleeve depicting grey damp terraced houses in industrial England was firmly against the narrative backdrop of ‘Tales From The Riverbank’ which is a nostalgic lament to days with ‘no fears or worries …just a golden country’. And, as this Blog is worldwide, you certainly don’t need to be British to appreciate the song’s message. I guess it works in the US, Europe, South America or even Japan.

As the sun finally breaks through an interminable winter of discontent, stick this simple spirit-lifter on loud, and warm your old bones and your bitter, bitter soul.

This track can be found on many of the myriad of Jam compilation packages. Try your usual outlet for the more recent ‘The Sound of The Jam’ (‘03), or ‘Snap’, ‘Extras’, The Jam at The BBC, or the mighty box set ‘Direction,Reaction,Creation’. For more info or memories Google ‘The Jam’ or try www.thejam.org or www.thejamfan.net. Dig The Old Breed!

Mahavishnu Orchestra - you know, you know.mp3

Shortly after arriving in the US, John McLaughlin met and became a disciple of the indian spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy. The guru gave John his spiritual name Mahavishnu, which literally translated as "Great Creation" (Maha=Great and Vishnu=the Hindu God of Creation).
Fired with this inspiration and his aspiration to fully materialise the bond between the Spirit and Music, he formed the Mahavishnu Orchestra, arguably the most powerful fusion band in the history of the jazz-rock and fusion movement. A heady cocktail of dazzling virtuosity, ferocious rock polyrhythms and burning spiritual aspiration, the band consisting of Billy Cobham (drums), Jan Hammer (keyboards), Jerry Goodman (violin) and Rick Laird (bass guitar) with McLaughlin himself on his trademark Gibson twin-necked SG guitar (something he had in common with Jimmy Page, to whom he had given jazz guitar lessons to in England and to whom is attributed the legend of teaching Jimmy the intro chords to 'My Funny Valentine' from which he supposedly extrapolated the 'Stairway to Heaven' chord sequence).

You Know You Know is one of the quieter moments from the stunning debut album The Inner Mounting Flame [1971]. Even if you are not familiar with the Mahavishnu recordings you may still recognise it as it was sampled and provided the backbone for One Love on Massive Attack's Blue Lines album in 1991.
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Monday, April 04, 2005

The Dynamics - misery.mp3

Things have been steadily growing as we have been quietly doing our thing here at Last Night for over 6 months now, and as we were approaching the 100 unique visitors per day mark i had been thinking about posting seven days of "best of the archives" re-posts.
So when i checked the stats over the weekend and saw that not only had we hit the 100 mark, things had taken off and we were getting in excess of 250 visitors per day (thanks to the kind words from John at The Tofu Hut and Chryde at La Blogotheque), it seemed like the perfect time to do the best of series this week.

..and what better way to start than with the first ever post on Last Night.
Misery is one of those classic northern soul tracks that is just so full of beans that once it gets under your skin just lifts your mood and will have you strutting along the pavement like something from a Tarantino movie.
It came out in 1963, produced by Al Savage for Big Top records, a label that will be familiar to many northern soul collectors. Although Big Top were a NYC label, most of the music came through Detroit's EmBee Productions, run by Irving Micahnik and Harry Balk. Their most famous artist was probably Del Shannon, who was the first person to chart in the US with a Lennon/McCartney song. He heard them perform From Me To You at a soundcheck at the Royal Albert Hall whilst on a trip to England and recorded a version as soon as he returned to the US!

The Dynamics were not quite as successful, never really gaining much recognition beyond Detroit, but those irrepressible yelping falsetto vocals in the chorus' never fail to get me out my chair, usually to get my leather souled (sic) shoes on for a bit of legwork on the talcum powder covered wooden kitchen floor.
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Friday, April 01, 2005

Russ Gabriel - rare is the groove?.mp3

With cowbells that would get James Murphy grinning from ear to ear, and a funky stuttering organ that sounds like it's been lifted straight from Manuel Gottsching's (Ash Ra Temple) 58 minute epic electro/guitar hypnotic release E2-E4, this is a piano pitch-bending party tune to keep you dancing right through to Monday morning (unless of course you are reading this after a weekend of debauchery away from your PC!- in which case, you could try and ride it out until Tuesday with a Monday afternonn pub lunch?).

I came across this track on a P2P network in somebody's rare groove folder. Most of the tracks in there had been re-named, many just called Rare Groove, so i don't know if that's the real name. I will probably find out more information over the weekend and drop something into the comments, but wanted to get it posted because i thought it would sit nicely on at the top of the homepage for the weekend... have a good un!
.any info on Russ Gabriel from our readers would be greatly appreciated.
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Jenny Bishop - Tracing The Evidence.mp3

This track started off quite an interesting week for me, why I here you gasp, well let me explain.
Earlier in the week I payed a visit to the doctor's and as usual they were behind in the appointments, so looking for things to occupy my time when I stumbled accross a free magazine called inspire created by the Jobcentre. Inside I discovered an interview with Jenny Bishop that I found quite intriging it describes how Jenny first got started on the New Deal For Musicians on the Jobcentre Plus website, she was put in touch with a producer Luke Bond who then helped her to cut a CD. Luke then gave Jenny the names and addresses of newspapers, magazines and agents and encouraged her to send copies of her CD. She then began to more gigs with the aid of the scheme, I was so impressed by this goverment scheme set up to help new home grown talent I decided to write this article to spread the word and to let anyone know who's interested as this may be of use to any budding artists outthere.

Tracing The Evidence is song about two people who get more attracted to the whole idea of being in love, than they are to each other. Jenny displays a great ease with her voice thats seems to enhance her natural beauty, her ability to write lyrics that easily identifiable and can be applied to most of our lives gives her a real chance of setting the world on fire. This post is dedicated to the lovely Ashley Brooks who sent me a very flattering e-mail earlier today, just like to say Ashley I would love to but unfortunately I'm married but it always nice to have offers. Please send me that picture you have of Le-Riff in a dress and I will post it next week.

Regards De-Fish,
To Buy The Album please visit www.jennybishop.com