ii last night an mp3 saved my wife

Friday, October 14, 2005

Michael Hurley - I Paint A Design.mp3

Crunching my way through golden leaves that carpet the ground it all comes flooding back... the wife! I used to be married? I haven't seen her in so long, I wonder how she is doing, maybe I will call her tonight? Will she even remember me? Maybe she's found another lover, one more attentive than I, so easily distracted...

The truth is I haven't been listening to as much music as usual, recent events have demanded all my attention (reasons to follow).
Sometimes it happens. Some mornings you can look at your music collection and want to listen to everything, all at the same time and everything you play needs to be turned up that little bit higher "are the neighbours out at work?".
Other times a vast collection offers not one inspiration. The fire and passion of all these creations before you just seem tired as your eyes flick from spine to spine...

I even got to a point where I couldn't even be bothered to wire up the old mp3 player on my daily rounds. My car is a huge speaker on wheels into which I climb and watch the world wizz past as I travel. The sights that roll by may be familiar, but the soundtrack is ever changing, always casting new light on my surroundings.
But recently my soundtrack has been of other car horns, the local louts shouting obscenities at each other across the road, and the stutters and coughs of the decrepit engine.

Michael Hurley may have only just fallen off the homepage but when I have been listening to music recently it has usually been Hurley or Loudon Wainwright III (as well as other new releases that you already know - or download elsewhere). Between them they must have released over 30 albums, and both of these characters have managed to write compelling music across 3 decades.

The last Michael Hurley post (mp3's still available) was from an earlier album, I Paint A Design is taken from Watertower, which is from the 80s, it's one of his more professional in-a-studio recordings. His voice is in great form throughout, as is the songwriting... a good starting point for the uninitiated.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Broadcast - Arc Of A Journey.mp3

Broadcast, Ocean Rooms, Brighton, Thurs 29th Sept

The room was square but the cats were hip
Cosy not pokey my initial impression
The sound sadly sub aquatic
And we were bad tripping the lightshow not so fantastic
But from out of the hubbub
Without fanfaronade
Came a beep and a buzz
And a garage guitar fuzz
With a deadpanoramic sweep
The cast of lysergic librarians
Got their heads down,
For some no nonsense mindful boogie
Their digital dexterity
Sent us into cerebral heaven
An intensely truly mental instrumental
Got heads nodding
Knobs were twiddled
Chins were stroked
The ‘lab were evoked
They were kraftwerking the room
Taking us down the autobahn that is the A259
To Camber Sands for a party tomorrow
Trish Keenan was the siren calling us to shore
She was the silver machine
Sighing and sensuous
Swelling and swaying and swooning
Whilst the beat, beat, beat, beat, beating
Got us avant-guardian berliner modernes into a lather
Cozy not Bonham my initial impression
Axelrod not Axl Rose my second
Tender buttons were indeed being pressed
We could not fail to be impressed
The forced abandonment of concepts
Such as subtlety and delicacy
The cast were ebullient and enchanting
We delighted instead in the pulsating rhythms
Of the high tech, high tensile, lo-fi
Radiophonic workshop waves washing over us
The wry warped smiles were infectious
We were intoxicated and hooked
A fringe act the mainstream overlooked
Well, this is a public service announcement
Tune in, turn on
And take Broadcast to the nation

Billy Bangs
Jazzing and rocking but not jazz-rocking