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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thomas Truax - Escape From The Orphanage.mp3

Thomas Truax - Oddball, Visionary, A one man antifolk machine are just a few of the names attributed to the Jazz experimentalist. Call him what you will but one thing you can't deny is his desire to create and explore all the boundaries and beyond, also known as the mad scientist because he even invents his own instruments like The Cadillac Beatspinner Wheel and The Hornicator which he uses to create his own unique musical experience. Another interesting fact is that he claims to be one of the illegitimate sons of Screamin Jay Hawkins which I suppose could be true just due to the fact that Hawkins had so many. Truax is also famous for his animation as I think used to be a graphic designer and worked on programs like celebrity death match, a truly well rounded individual indeed.

With vocals that are a strange menage a trois of Roger Waters, Dr Feelgood and Nick Cave that are all blended together with a new wave, laid back, Jazz undertone. When mixed together in the right quantity this creates quite an intriguing cocktail that at first can taste a bit sour, however by the time you have reached the bottom of the glass you cant stop yourself ordering a second as the initial bitter after taste disappears. You can buy the albums from here.
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