ii last night an mp3 saved my wife

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Time Machine - Mind In A Spin.mp3

Well I am back from my birthday celebrations still feeling the aches and pains from the weekend once you get to my age it takes a little longer to recover. I have been having a few weird dreams lately that I'm trying hard to understand like the other night I dreamt that their was a pandemic of athlete's foot that had spread across the country and I was the only one with clean feet. Last night I dreamt that was strangling a poisonous chicken to death that kept trying to peck my legs and inject me with it's venomous tongue, I was quite sad once it had taken its last breath I could see a tear rolling down its cheek. If anyone knows what these dreams mean please let me know.

After Iggy's choice last Friday and the talk of breakdance 2 I thought it was time to get some hip-hop back on the wife as it seems like a long time since we put out some classic old skool type beats, I for one have been missing em. After dusting through my archives I found this little gem tucked away neatly between The Beatnuts and Prince Paul that I had almost forgotten about Time Machine - Slow Your Roll all the way back from 2003. So to get rid of all the rain clouds we have here at the moment I've turned up the bass and slammed on the treble dusted off the record sleeve and cut some vinyl, it's got a real citrus flavour (whatever that means) with some kicked back dreamy beats that just let you melt away in to your own dimension.

I'm still recovering from the weekend so I'm off home now to enjoy a nice cuppa tea and a scintillating night watching soul destroying TV and a bit of Judge Judy before I crawl in to my bed around 9pm tonight talk about rock n roll or what. Enjoy the pleasures of time machine yourself and buy the album here.
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