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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ryuichi Sakamoto-Riot In Lagos.wma

Perhaps most famous in this country for 'Forbidden Colours' (apparently the default-choice for lazy BBC music researchers whenever they're asked to find something Japanesey) Ryuichi has recorded over three decades worth of material.

Through his work with the Y.M.O. (Yellow Magic Orchestra) and his consecutive solo career, his appearance in 'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence' (alongside David Bowie) and collaborations with the likes of Youssou N'Dour and Arto Lindsey, he's established himself as a highly credible and versatile artist, being an especially sought after soundtrack composer.

He's also one of the very few who've experimented with Japanese traditional music and gotten away with it, commercially. There's a whole world of goodies in the Sakamoto canon...

But today, let's bleep along to Riot in Lagos, probably the most important Japanese dance record of all time. Surfacing in 1980, it was way ahead of the pack....abstract beats, electro fartbubbles and tweaked-out weirdness...it's been claimed by some as a kind of ancestor to Techno.

See what you make of it...me and the missus find it's ideal music for doing robotics to, in the pissing rain in front of Curry's
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