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Monday, August 01, 2005

Rudimentary Peni - Blissful Myth.mp3
Rudimentary Peni - Flesh Crucifix.mp3

1985. Age: 14. First day of a new term at boarding school involved two events without fail. The bad,,, handing over the majority of my newly aquired spending money to pay off last terms poker debts. And the good,,, my "music friends" and i sharing our holiday musical finds.

When Tommo handed me his vinyl copy of Death Church, i knew from the mad glint in his eye that he had been looking forward to seeing my reaction since the day he had first discovered it in his local second hand record shop.
Tommo was a dangerous character at the best of times, many others feared him, but the fact that we used to listen to Never Mind The Bollocks full blast on the common room hi-fi whilst pogoing and throwing chairs around meant that i had a bond with him. He would never direct his twisted psychotic tendencies towards me.

When i looked at the sleeve i instantly knew why HE had bought it. Deranged pen and ink drawings of starving christ's, skeletal popes, "animal carcasses" and "shit coffins!". I was 14 years old and at that point the most dangerous music i had ever heard was Orgasm Addict on my Buzzcocks Singles Going Steady cassette.

I don't think i paid much attention to the lyrics at the time, -though could it be coincidence that it took me about 12 years to propose to my girlfriend fiance?- i just loved the fact that the sound of the record was like something from another world. Here i was in a catholic public school, singing in the choir at sunday mass but all the while thinking about practicing my electric guitar along to The Pistols, Buzzcocks, The Clash,, and now The Rudes, instead of doing my homework- or prep as it was called back then.

I didn't know who Nick Blinko was, or that he was struggling with mental illness, suffering from delusions that he was "Pope Adrian 37th"... all this sensational info i discovered this week after doing the obligatory blogger google thang. But it didn't matter. Like DVD says, here at the wife we are interested in the music that mattered to us along the way. Fuck the facts,, just listen up.
Are you all enjoying our new found personal approach?

I bumped into Tommo a few years after we had escaped the confines of the British public school system. He was living in a house with a front door without any locks or keys. You just booted the front door to gain entry. We talked for an hour or two whilst consuming the entire contents of his fridge... a huge bowl of vodka jelly. after which he smashed an acousic guitar on his head, then gave me a lift into town. That was 1991. I haven't seen him since. You can click here to buy the album.
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