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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Robert Plant - Song To The Siren.mp3

Siren - A sea nymph whose singing lured sailors to destruction on the rocks, well according to greek mythology anyway. I have always held a strange attraction for dangerous women well when I say dangerous I don't mean in a serial killer or bunny boiler kinda way, more like mysterious edgy dark type of thing like they are holding a secret but your not quite sure what. I've always been getting involved with woman I shouldn't even in school like the time my English teacher..........erm well that's another story.

Song To The Siren was originally recorded by This Mortal Coil in 1984 but only reached number 66 in the charts over here, Im not sure if it was successful anywhere else. Despite its lack of popularity it has been covered by every man and his dog ranging from hard house classics by Lost Witness to rock ballards like Robert Plant's version. Plant manages to transform the original from a classy still poetic tearjerker into a full on emotional rollercoaster full of love, hope, despair and rejection all portrayed through his array of vocal talent.

When I first heard Song To The Siren I was going through some difficulty with one of my ex's(well when I say difficulty I mean she called me a cheating lying bastard and that I should never contact her again). May I just say that her accusations were totally unjustified and I had never cheated and I think she was just using this as an excuse to dump me and still keep the moral high ground.

So I was feeling very emotional sitting in my room a bottle of Jim Beam in one hand and a razorblade in the other...you know how it goes then to top it all off on the radio after a splurge of the typical love songs (you know the ones that always seem to be playing during any break up) up pops this one.... Song To The Siren the icing on the cake. A song about declaring your undying love to someone only to have them fling it right back in your face whilst jumping up and down, over and over again on your heart until it splatters and drains until there is nothing left and getting endless joy from doing so in the process, I think I was on suicide watch for a week after that. It was also the only time I have ever wept after listening to a song although that's probably more to do with my state of mind than anything else. Click here to buy.
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