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Monday, August 15, 2005

Python Lee Jackson - in a broken dream.mp3

The second Charity Shop 7 this week is one that you come across quite frequently as it was a UK hit in 1972. (I have got 2 copies- if anyone wants to pay the postage they can have the other- email).
In 1968 John Peel signed Australian band Python Lee Jackson to his Dandelion label. He booked some studio time and asked Rod Stewart to come down to the studio to record some guide vocals to "show 'em how it's done." When Peel didn't release the track because Dave Bentley (PLJ's singer and songwriter) didn't actually record a proper vocal, session producer Miki Dallon bought the tapes from Peel.
Dallon then released it on his own label Youngblood in 1970 but it didn't sell, but by '72 Rod was a star (with 4 solo albums and 3 Faces albums behind him) and this re-release managed to reach #3 in the UK charts. By all accounts Rod was not best pleased at this "guide vocal" being put out there without his consent, but then many have claimed it to be one of his finest moments.

There are 2 other tracks that Rod recorded vocals on from that 1968 session. There is a version of the Temptation's Cloud Nine that was on the b-side of the initial 1970 single (but renamed Doin' Fine), and a track called The Blues that ended up on Python Lee Jackson's album In A Broken Dream pic.
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