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Monday, August 08, 2005

Public Image Ltd - Home.mp3

At the tender age of 15 i bought my first tickets to go see a band play live, Public Image Limited at the Apollo in Manchester on the 17th May 1986.

As we approached the venue in the back of my parents car (they were willing to let us go to the gig, on the condition that they dropped us off and picked us up... Ardwick Green is not the kind of place that parents would be happy about letting their naive children go wandering round after dark!) my initial fears that we were going to get turned away for being under age were quickly being replaced by the more pressing fear that we were gonna get our heads kicked in by the hoards of hoary old punks who were all making their way to the venue on foot.

As we got close to the venue I was looking out of the windows wide eyed at 10" superglued mohicans worn by angry looking 30 year old men covered in piercings. To me it felt like i was being dropped off in a scene from Escape From New York! I didn't even own a pair of DM's, and although had probably scribbled the anarchy sign on the back of my maths excercise book i was a world away from getting an Anarchy symbol tattooed on my face!

As we walked up to the entrance past the touts, i was "bricking it". I can't remember if we had any trouble at the door but we must have got in OK as next thing i can clearly remember is the rush of excitement as John Lydon comes striding out on to the stage wearing a huge black wraparound cape that covered him from head to toe. (This was his only defence against all the greenies that were being "flegged" in his direction!)

As we started the third paragraph with "as we" With the house lights down we were safe in our stalls, about half way back. Apart from the excitement brought on by hearing music louder than i ever had before i think the main emotion was one of "I can't believe that that's Johnny Rotten right there in front of me!!!!" What a buzz. Half way through the set, i had relaxed a little and was screaming "ANGER IS AN ENERGY" along with everybody else,, and by the end i was standing on the seat in disbelief as Johnny and his band of LA sessioners played Pretty Vacant and Anarchy In The UK to close the set. It didn't matter to me that Jah Wobble wasn't on bass or that Bill Laswell wasn't doing the front of house... back then i wouldn't have recognised Bill Laswell if he had walked into my bedroom and pressed the "SuperBass" button on my Aiwa walkman.

Within a week i had bought every PIL release on cassette and had put up my poster that i bought outside the gig in the middle of my bedroom wall.I think i started buying NME at that time and always went straight for the gig listings.. i had found a new religion, one that stayed with me until this day.

(postscript- actually none of the session musicians were part of the touring band in 1986. A new band was put together to tour the Album album... thanks for reading reading.)
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