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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Public Enemy - You're Gonna Get yours

So my first gig was around 88 or maybe 89 I was 13 at the time and heavily into the whole hip - hop scene listening to Run DMC, NWA, De La Soul and of course Public Enemy. It was the same old teenage story about anarchy, angst and total contempt towards authority. It could of been the 70s as teenagers are the same whatever the generation then we look back and say it wasn't like that in my day but actually it probably was, just packaged in different music, different clothes and different times.

I heard P.E was coming to town so I begged my mum for a week to buy me the tickets at first she insisted that she had to come too, I was desperate, I didn't know what to do! Imagine meeting Flav and Chuck back stage"Yo Flav digged the show you were slick man and oh Yeah Bouy this my mum" no I don't think so. I thought of how I could stop her I needed a cunning plan hmmm...... I could get big Dave to get rid of her the yeah that would work he would too for a packet of fags....umm no too dramatic. What about bumping her at the top of the stairs whilst she is doing the cleaning....umm no she will definitely suspect and then ban me from going altogether.........umm I need something more cunning, discreet then like a bolt of lighting in a flash the miracle I had been waiting for had arrived, she changed her mind just like that I could not believe it, this had never happened before in the history of the entire universe HOW! Oh thank you jeesus, praise the lord, hallelujah cinders you will go to the ball.

She agreed to let me go with that nice lad who lives up the street as long as you are with him you wont get in any trouble and I will pick up at 10 outside the venue don't be late you know what your fathers like, he doesn't like waiting....Yes Mother don't worry I said.

We get the 7.00 bus (because it was summer and still light at night so I was allowed to travel down without my chaperone) arguing to be let on for half price as we were under 13, strangely later at the bar we were trying to argue our case for being 18 but we lost on both accounts. I was wearing my new purple bottoms 22inch flares equipped with double draw string, pants back then the wider they were the cooler you were, mine covered my entire trainers coooool.

It was packed and I couldn't see a thing all I could here was some noise but where was it coming from? "Quick over there" my nice friend from up the street shouted. He pointed to a ledge at the back which we quickly sprang on to, "look its Flav" I cried we could now see everything from our new position. I could see these colossal speakers the biggest things I had ever seen in my life they must of been about 30ft high no joke. The next thing I saw was Flav on top of the speakers with his giant clock arournd his neck (no I said clock) I was sure with the vibrations and the weight of the clock he was heading for the infirmary, however he managed to hold out to the end now that's an achievement in itself if you ask me.

The star of the show though had to be Chuck himself he had an incredible presence and the way that he commands the stage is just awesome this wasn't just some performer up there this was a true artist at work, a visionary with something important to say and I new even then I had just witnessed something fantastic, the revolution was about to begin, Bring the noise.
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