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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Caribou - Lord Leopard.mp3

This has probably been blogged elsewhere, (a quick search on Todum showed up lots of Brahminy Kites from the beginning of the month) but it's not like us at the Wife to care about that kind of thing. I suppose a lot of you will already have The Milk of Human Kindness album, and if you do then i hope that you will support me in turning a few others on to it's charms who haven't yet climbed on board.

OK,, so a bit of history? I haven't done me research (sorry for hastily cobbled together post, but things are a bit rushed and, you still want the tunes right?).. Caribou is Dan Snaith formerly of Manitoba. Shit, this has all been said already by people better equipped than me... in fact there's a link on the Leaf label site that pulls all the Caribou info together onto one blog.

This little tune is 1:30 of sublime funky beats with a looping piano and a few sitars for good measure,, it's a little like DJ Shadow,, erm what else,.. it's too short? Just play it on repeat three times. I'm loosing altitude here..

I don't know if you can still get tickets for the gig at the London Scala with Animal Collective on 25th October still? I'd love to be there, but it's too far from sunny Leeds.
No matter! Caribou are playing the Brudenell up here which is small, with a high stage and cheap beer. That'll do nicely.
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