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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ryuichi Sakamoto-Riot In Lagos.wma

Perhaps most famous in this country for 'Forbidden Colours' (apparently the default-choice for lazy BBC music researchers whenever they're asked to find something Japanesey) Ryuichi has recorded over three decades worth of material.

Through his work with the Y.M.O. (Yellow Magic Orchestra) and his consecutive solo career, his appearance in 'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence' (alongside David Bowie) and collaborations with the likes of Youssou N'Dour and Arto Lindsey, he's established himself as a highly credible and versatile artist, being an especially sought after soundtrack composer.

He's also one of the very few who've experimented with Japanese traditional music and gotten away with it, commercially. There's a whole world of goodies in the Sakamoto canon...

But today, let's bleep along to Riot in Lagos, probably the most important Japanese dance record of all time. Surfacing in 1980, it was way ahead of the pack....abstract beats, electro fartbubbles and tweaked-out weirdness...it's been claimed by some as a kind of ancestor to Techno.

See what you make of it...me and the missus find it's ideal music for doing robotics to, in the pissing rain in front of Curry's

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Wife was sleeping yesterday (it was a public holiday in the UK, and I seem to be coping a lot better with the IAD these days!), but you knows we loves you, and just to show it we gots three tracks for you today... in case you missed us.

One of the most popular social networking sites MySpace launched MySpace Music sometime last year which gave anyone with a PC and a microphone the ability to make their own homepage (complete with streaming mp3's, photo's, live dates and blogs) in minutes.
By January 2005 300,000 bands/musicians had signed up and were streaming their music to the world.

Clicking on MySpace search page and searching by "Influences" or "Sounds Like" categories can turn up some interesting results. Here's some of the good stuff that I discovered. If you like what you hear and want to hear more, then click on each image to visit the artists MySpace page, where you can stream 4 tracks, check gig dates or even say hello...

Hazey Jane

Hazel Jane - Come Down.mp3

Hazey Jane is a solo artist from Edinburgh, Scotland and music is her lifeblood. Bored of disciplined music teaching methods she taught herself guitar at 15, but only began to write songs when she discovered alternate tunings. Since she has uprooted to London and has been detuning her guitar and writing songs largely because of the reverence she felt for Nick Drake, who also provided her with her stage name. Because of Dundee band 'The Hazey Janes' she is sometimes known as Hazey Jane II, or I, but there are no hard feelings between the two. Hazey Jane likes to play the wine glasses from time to time and even the fiddle, but mainly she just plays guitar and sings... She is now also in a band with the talented and attractive mimi yeah where no acoustic guitars are allowed, but that is another tale for another time...

Diamond Caverns

Diamond Caverns - Zodiac (With Red Hunter).mp3

This year the wildly bearded David Bryant released two CD-R releases as part of the Celebrate Magic Hands collective imprint. Under the moniker Diamond Caverns, the first record was titled Little Song and the second was dubbed Orange. Diamond Caverns is, orignally, a famous Kentucky natural cavern spot which includes Mammoth Cavern and others. Now a popular tourist trap, the caverns can be explored by anyone insterested in spelunking there way though the wonder beneath the earth. Bryant, who resides in Austin, taps into the caverns of Kentucky singing very southern influenced folk tunes... read more

Billy Bates

Billy Bates - Beauty Crawls.mp3

Billy says...

Wouldn't like to bore you all with a one in 6 billion variations of life..... Willing to work with other musicians with similar interests especially a good percussion player ^^.., so do contact me if interested. CHEERS......... Tunes that have been uploaded are still to be finnished as you probably noticed.

Influences: Mostly people that can improvise...this is most important to me, some examples.... Allan HoldsWorth, Bjork, John Coltrane, Keith Jarrett, Kaushiki Chakrabarty, Jeff Buckley, John McLaughlin, Bela Bartok, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Faiz Ali Faiz, Frank Zappa, Scott Henderson, ect ect...

Friday, August 26, 2005

Thursday, August 25, 2005

click for more arctic monkey pictures
Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down.mp3
(aka Scummy aka Scummy Man)

arctic monkeys, komedia, brighton, wednesday 24th aug 2005

Cards are straight on the table.
Jokers and aces and knaves and scoundrels.
Ducking and diving.
Screwing and skiving.
You gotta pick a pocket or two.
Girl you know it’s true.
Headlights are on and the rabid rabbits are hopping.
Switched on and bopping.
Coz we’re on the streets of Rotherham nah.
The north rises again.
And we’re pulled along by the collar of our polo shirt.
Perrys are already a set to love up.
And boy do we love.
The droog alex.
Cajoler, ringmaster, straight talker, doe eyed bambi.
I spotted acne.
But he took it on the chin.
Despite the ridiculously low stage he was head and shoulders above the rest.
And despite the ridiculously youthful demeanour he was coming on a like a seasoned pro, you know?
Swaggering confidence and attitude.
He knew when to say sorry and when to be rude.
Mellifluous melees and moshing melanges.
But these weren’t the good old days.
[Though that’s where the roots were.]
A special soundclash jammin’ in the name of a northern libertine.
This was surreal komedia.
A club that couldn’t cope.
With such devotion and emotion.
We looked good on the dancefloor.
The john cooper snap crackle and pop of a monkey man on top.
A nefarious lot.
They came, they stole, they conquered.
But the panic stricken security were the killjoy division.
Unable to cope with the waves.
They crashed about in the mayhem.
But we were waving not drowning.
We were singing.
We were winning.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Billy Bangs
Putting down the handbook

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Time Machine - Mind In A Spin.mp3

Well I am back from my birthday celebrations still feeling the aches and pains from the weekend once you get to my age it takes a little longer to recover. I have been having a few weird dreams lately that I'm trying hard to understand like the other night I dreamt that their was a pandemic of athlete's foot that had spread across the country and I was the only one with clean feet. Last night I dreamt that was strangling a poisonous chicken to death that kept trying to peck my legs and inject me with it's venomous tongue, I was quite sad once it had taken its last breath I could see a tear rolling down its cheek. If anyone knows what these dreams mean please let me know.

After Iggy's choice last Friday and the talk of breakdance 2 I thought it was time to get some hip-hop back on the wife as it seems like a long time since we put out some classic old skool type beats, I for one have been missing em. After dusting through my archives I found this little gem tucked away neatly between The Beatnuts and Prince Paul that I had almost forgotten about Time Machine - Slow Your Roll all the way back from 2003. So to get rid of all the rain clouds we have here at the moment I've turned up the bass and slammed on the treble dusted off the record sleeve and cut some vinyl, it's got a real citrus flavour (whatever that means) with some kicked back dreamy beats that just let you melt away in to your own dimension.

I'm still recovering from the weekend so I'm off home now to enjoy a nice cuppa tea and a scintillating night watching soul destroying TV and a bit of Judge Judy before I crawl in to my bed around 9pm tonight talk about rock n roll or what. Enjoy the pleasures of time machine yourself and buy the album here.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Caribou - Lord Leopard.mp3

This has probably been blogged elsewhere, (a quick search on Todum showed up lots of Brahminy Kites from the beginning of the month) but it's not like us at the Wife to care about that kind of thing. I suppose a lot of you will already have The Milk of Human Kindness album, and if you do then i hope that you will support me in turning a few others on to it's charms who haven't yet climbed on board.

OK,, so a bit of history? I haven't done me research (sorry for hastily cobbled together post, but things are a bit rushed and, you still want the tunes right?).. Caribou is Dan Snaith formerly of Manitoba. Shit, this has all been said already by people better equipped than me... in fact there's a link on the Leaf label site that pulls all the Caribou info together onto one blog.

This little tune is 1:30 of sublime funky beats with a looping piano and a few sitars for good measure,, it's a little like DJ Shadow,, erm what else,.. it's too short? Just play it on repeat three times. I'm loosing altitude here..

I don't know if you can still get tickets for the gig at the London Scala with Animal Collective on 25th October still? I'd love to be there, but it's too far from sunny Leeds.
No matter! Caribou are playing the Brudenell up here which is small, with a high stage and cheap beer. That'll do nicely.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Things have been getting real quiet round The Wife's HQ recently...
what with Iggy moving house (waiting to get reconnected),
DVD outa town/country (nice to see him finding his way to an internet cafe and leaving a suite of comments! the comments wouldn't be the same without you old boy),
The Dr OD-ing on his own supply and going awol on a month long Hunter S Thomson style white knuckle binge...
I've been lost in a vast acoustic world of unkown artists that hide their talents in the MySpace directory (might post some stuff this week),
and today De Fish is absent as he embarks on his yearly marathon booze session to celebrate 30 years since he arrived on this crazy rock we call planet Earth.
it's 2:10 pm now, so no doubt he is well on the way to oblivion!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY dude! This ones for you...

Chase The Devil - Max Romero.mp3

Lucifer son of the morning, I'm gonna chase you out of earth. Sampled by the prodigy "Outta Space" Max Romero's Chase The Devil is a real dandelion mash of uplifting lyrics with bouncing reggae beats. If any record has ever made you want to down a bottle of rum and dance like a possessed dwarf with your mum it's this one. Max's seaside vocals blend astonishingly well with the chilled out smooth beat, sending a warm glow through your entire body more fulfilling than ready-break the original get up and go.

(this track is featured on this compilation from juno records)

originally posted by Devilfish

Friday, August 19, 2005

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Nouvelle Vague - Too Drunk To Fuck.mp3

Back in the 90s when I was listening to stuff like the Bridewell Taxis and The Stone Roses me and a few mates set out to find this indie club in bradford called 1 in 12 we had never been before but we was assured that it would be a top night. After walking around the streets for the best part of 2hrs we made it to the front doors gasping for a pint of yorkshires finest when we were confronted by 2 bouncers on the doors, the first thing I noticed was these wasn't your average indie club or any other club type bouncers these were 2 most gargantuan fellows I had ever clasped eyes on. On top of their physique, they sported a most menacing look that I just wasn't used to and on top of this they weren't suited and booted they had 12ft mohicans and piercings that I didn't even know there were places.

After paying our entrance fee it suddenly became apparent it wasn't indie night at all but punk night, it also became immediately apparent that we were in a very sticky situation infact it was the stickiest situation since Sticky the Stick Insect got stuck on a sticky bun. After the staring had stopped and the music started playing again and we had eventually been served at the bar I started to relax then after a couple more I even thought about joining in on the dancefloor, that's when it all went wrong.

I was really getting in to it jumping around jumping in to people arms of kimbo then crunch, I looked down and like a popped balloon I see this snarling dribbling buffoon launching his fists straight for my head luckily I was quick enough to duck underneath the oncoming rocket propelled fist, however, unfortunately my friend was not. He got smacked clean in the jaw and the blood splattered everywhere like a scene from a Tarantino movie, I stepped in and managed to calm this brute down. It turned out during the chaos this poor unfortunate chap had somebody jump on his head whilst he was calmly taking a nap in the middle of a punk dancefloor filled with angry geezers wearing docs, astonishing.

At first he refused to let anyone leave but after 30 mins of gentle persuasion and pleading from myself he calmed down and even bought us all a drink for our troubles. This menacing delinquent turned in to one of the most friendly honourable chaps I had the pleasure to meet, it just goes to show you should never judge a book by it's cover.

That night was the first time I had heard the dead kennedys and the first time I had really listened to any punk music apart from bands like The Clash, The Undertones and alike. So when I first heard of Nouvelle Vague and heard that they had done cover versions of tracks like Too Drunk To Fuck and Love Will Tear Us Apart I reserved my judgment until I had a chance to listen and was pleasantly surprised. Click to buy.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Patti Smith - Piss Factory.mp3

patti smith, brighton dome. tuesday 16th august 2005

she is five foot six going on seven foot.
she is joey ramone.
she is punching above her weight effortlessly.
she is shamanic street preacher.
she strides on, kicks in and we’re straight down the piss factory.
no ceremony. no quarter.
no music and it’s loud as fuck.
Smith incants.
it’s straight in your face.
it’s up your nose.
we can smell it.
it’s breathtakingly away beautiful.
drink it in.
soak it up.
fits and starts and farts and spits.
Smith gobbles you up chews you madly then spits you out.
bitch, whore, mother, lover.
she's calling the shots.
there’s a tv in the corner.
next to a full size elvis.
he was once the king.
he fell from gracelands.
28 years ago to the day.
and that’s when I fell in love.
with this Smith who is a giant.
her fragile frame fills the dome.
she’s at home.
but there’s no turning down the lights.
it’s an aural atmosphere we’re wrapped up in here.
his bobness secreted up her not inconsiderable sleeve.
how does that feel?
she’s on a roll.
we are rocked.
if she called in her debts she’d be filthy rich.
so many IOUs.
but now she wanna tells us how it’s gonna be
she is she and not fade away.
a wild horses finale segueing into gloria
hosanna! we cried. tears of joy.
for the boy.
who looked at patti and
here I go.
and I don't know why.
I spin so ceaselessly.
could it be she's taking over me?
some strange music draws me in.
makes me come on like some heroin.

oh god I fell for you…

billy bangs
dancing barefoot

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Prefab Sprout - Ghost Town Blues.mp3

Think I'll Pack It in and buy a VW,
Take It Down To Newquay....

Day 2 back at work- the post Cornwall holiday blues is lifting a little despite all the reminders of sun, surf and freedom as I drive in my sandy car to work. Bodyboards leaned up against the landlocked Leeds house cellar wall, straw hats that are probably gonna hang on the coat stand until next year and the sunburn that passes for a suntan on my pasty Irish skin still there, tho fading fast...

Forget all that guff about Jumping Frogs, that first Prefab album [Swoon] is great (or should that be "The Sprouts" as Emma Welles refers to them in her liner notes?). The second one [Steve McQueen] is good too although already a lot of the quirks had been ironed out. From where I was standing they seemed to get progressively more conservative throughout the 80's.. as I became less and less interested.

It was Dr Johnny that got me back on track by playing me Paddy McAloon's I Trawl The Megahertz last year. He happened to have a copy of Steve McQueen with him at the time and I had one of those experiences where you listen to an old favourite that you lost along the way and you are surprised to find that you still know every lyric and idiosyncrasy... right then I knew I had to get hold of Swoon again as it was always my favourite.

By coincidence a few days later I was visiting Clone4231 in Tyne And Wear. Whilst ambling round the North Shields metro Sunday morning market I noticed a cardboard box that had "Records £1" scribbled on the front... What do I see sitting in there, but a pristine gatefold copy of Swoon which I immediately snapped up.

Paddy McAloon has said that he hates it. He mentioned that he wished to withdraw all copies of Swoon, and re-record the whole thing. It's true that the production is not as "professional" as the other PS albums but for me that only adds to it's charms. If he ever did try to redo it I am sure it would lose all of it's quirks, and I would never swap my gatefold vinyl copy for any Swoon updated CD.

Here's a bonus track about Chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer for those who can be bothered to read the blurb and get down this far...

Prefab Sprout - Cue Fanfare.mp3

"some obsessions take me back... the sweet sweet songs that cloud your eyes..."

Monday, August 15, 2005

Python Lee Jackson - in a broken dream.mp3

The second Charity Shop 7 this week is one that you come across quite frequently as it was a UK hit in 1972. (I have got 2 copies- if anyone wants to pay the postage they can have the other- email).
In 1968 John Peel signed Australian band Python Lee Jackson to his Dandelion label. He booked some studio time and asked Rod Stewart to come down to the studio to record some guide vocals to "show 'em how it's done." When Peel didn't release the track because Dave Bentley (PLJ's singer and songwriter) didn't actually record a proper vocal, session producer Miki Dallon bought the tapes from Peel.
Dallon then released it on his own label Youngblood in 1970 but it didn't sell, but by '72 Rod was a star (with 4 solo albums and 3 Faces albums behind him) and this re-release managed to reach #3 in the UK charts. By all accounts Rod was not best pleased at this "guide vocal" being put out there without his consent, but then many have claimed it to be one of his finest moments.

There are 2 other tracks that Rod recorded vocals on from that 1968 session. There is a version of the Temptation's Cloud Nine that was on the b-side of the initial 1970 single (but renamed Doin' Fine), and a track called The Blues that ended up on Python Lee Jackson's album In A Broken Dream pic.
(click here to buy Best Of Youngblood Records or here for a Best Of Rod Stewart from Amazon UK)

Friday, August 12, 2005

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Public Enemy - You're Gonna Get yours

So my first gig was around 88 or maybe 89 I was 13 at the time and heavily into the whole hip - hop scene listening to Run DMC, NWA, De La Soul and of course Public Enemy. It was the same old teenage story about anarchy, angst and total contempt towards authority. It could of been the 70s as teenagers are the same whatever the generation then we look back and say it wasn't like that in my day but actually it probably was, just packaged in different music, different clothes and different times.

I heard P.E was coming to town so I begged my mum for a week to buy me the tickets at first she insisted that she had to come too, I was desperate, I didn't know what to do! Imagine meeting Flav and Chuck back stage"Yo Flav digged the show you were slick man and oh Yeah Bouy this my mum" no I don't think so. I thought of how I could stop her I needed a cunning plan hmmm...... I could get big Dave to get rid of her the yeah that would work he would too for a packet of fags....umm no too dramatic. What about bumping her at the top of the stairs whilst she is doing the cleaning....umm no she will definitely suspect and then ban me from going altogether.........umm I need something more cunning, discreet then like a bolt of lighting in a flash the miracle I had been waiting for had arrived, she changed her mind just like that I could not believe it, this had never happened before in the history of the entire universe HOW! Oh thank you jeesus, praise the lord, hallelujah cinders you will go to the ball.

She agreed to let me go with that nice lad who lives up the street as long as you are with him you wont get in any trouble and I will pick up at 10 outside the venue don't be late you know what your fathers like, he doesn't like waiting....Yes Mother don't worry I said.

We get the 7.00 bus (because it was summer and still light at night so I was allowed to travel down without my chaperone) arguing to be let on for half price as we were under 13, strangely later at the bar we were trying to argue our case for being 18 but we lost on both accounts. I was wearing my new purple bottoms 22inch flares equipped with double draw string, pants back then the wider they were the cooler you were, mine covered my entire trainers coooool.

It was packed and I couldn't see a thing all I could here was some noise but where was it coming from? "Quick over there" my nice friend from up the street shouted. He pointed to a ledge at the back which we quickly sprang on to, "look its Flav" I cried we could now see everything from our new position. I could see these colossal speakers the biggest things I had ever seen in my life they must of been about 30ft high no joke. The next thing I saw was Flav on top of the speakers with his giant clock arournd his neck (no I said clock) I was sure with the vibrations and the weight of the clock he was heading for the infirmary, however he managed to hold out to the end now that's an achievement in itself if you ask me.

The star of the show though had to be Chuck himself he had an incredible presence and the way that he commands the stage is just awesome this wasn't just some performer up there this was a true artist at work, a visionary with something important to say and I new even then I had just witnessed something fantastic, the revolution was about to begin, Bring the noise.
Buy here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Undertones - Get Over You.mp3

On the first gig thread ...
In or around 1978, from the mire of terrorism, '1 in 10' unemployment, and (worst of all) 'big haired rock' rose Northern Ireland's finest bog men. Just like me back then, The Undertones knew little and cared even less. They were innocent, straightforward and unpretentious - yet brimming with energy and the unadulterated passion of youth. I was 16. I liked beer, chocolate and girls.

Derry's Undertones were called 'Ireland's 1st punks"- but I never saw them as punks. They just looked like me and my mates; unfashionably normal, non-confrontational, skinny and needle-sharp. I saw them at my first ever gig in '78 and I was simply more hooked than before.

And now, the best part of 30 fuckin' years later, whenever I get to thinking 'how on earth did I get this jaded?' I stick on an Undertones album.

Blah .. blah .. blah ... - paralysis by analysis. I suspect this Blog's average reader age is about 25. You probably glaze over when you see some old gipper bangin' on about a time before you were born? Does anyone relate to this stuff? I notice the comment boxes are also drying up; which either suggests we are moribund, you're all on holiday, or just all-blogged out. (I'm told 1 new Blog starts every second!) Is this overkill - as there seems to be a fair bit of 'blog depression' about?

Anyway, with The Undertones, it was all about the songs. I mean, it's not difficult - just crank up the volume, smile, leap around and listen!
Click me to buy.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Wedding Present - Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft.mp3

As we're banging on about first gigs here at the 'wife this week, let me take you back to the murky days of 1988...a time when 'indie' ruled the world...or so it seemed in the sixth-form smoker's room.

I'd been listening to this band from Leeds who some reckoned were gonna be the next Smiths, and it seemed plausible enough to us at the time...after all, they were Northern and working class, played guitars, had nostalgic record sleeves, and crucially, the singer had a great big chin. Actually, he looked a bit like Fred Flintstone, but that couldn't hurt, right?

And it turned out that they were playing my town! No-one played my town! The only venue was the Coatham Bowl, a place famous for formerly hosting National Darts Championships, where the likes of Jocky Wilson and Ewic Bwistow battled like dinosaurs on mountainpeaks, the lager was torrential, and the commentary waxed hysterical...

I secured the tickets, and played the Weddoes non-stop on my C-90...it was my first gig, and I was crackling with anticipation....Which songs would they play? Would we be able to see them properly? Would I be able to get served? Would my girlfriend swoon at his massive chin, and become a groupy, breaking my heart as they slashed and burned across the rock n roll wilderness? I hoped not, but maybe I could at least sell my story to the NME...

The Weddoes never quite became the next Smiths, but they did some wonderful and unexpected things...including recording a mini-album of punked-up Ukranian folk songs, working with Steve Albini, and releasing a single every month for (was it...?) two years.
Listening to them again, I'm reminded of how fresh and vital they were...maybe their return is imminent? Are they still around? Hope so...If not, I'll always have George Best to remind me

And the gig? It was fan-fookin-tastic! I got served real beer! Gedgey and the lads fairly shredded their fingers with their frantic cheese-grater guitar style, the kids went beserk and we all screamed for more. Get the fuck in!

My first bite of the cherry...In a matter of months another top-drawer act was to rock the Coatham...I snapped tickets up immediately...bring it on, Voice of the Beehive!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Public Image Ltd - Home.mp3

At the tender age of 15 i bought my first tickets to go see a band play live, Public Image Limited at the Apollo in Manchester on the 17th May 1986.

As we approached the venue in the back of my parents car (they were willing to let us go to the gig, on the condition that they dropped us off and picked us up... Ardwick Green is not the kind of place that parents would be happy about letting their naive children go wandering round after dark!) my initial fears that we were going to get turned away for being under age were quickly being replaced by the more pressing fear that we were gonna get our heads kicked in by the hoards of hoary old punks who were all making their way to the venue on foot.

As we got close to the venue I was looking out of the windows wide eyed at 10" superglued mohicans worn by angry looking 30 year old men covered in piercings. To me it felt like i was being dropped off in a scene from Escape From New York! I didn't even own a pair of DM's, and although had probably scribbled the anarchy sign on the back of my maths excercise book i was a world away from getting an Anarchy symbol tattooed on my face!

As we walked up to the entrance past the touts, i was "bricking it". I can't remember if we had any trouble at the door but we must have got in OK as next thing i can clearly remember is the rush of excitement as John Lydon comes striding out on to the stage wearing a huge black wraparound cape that covered him from head to toe. (This was his only defence against all the greenies that were being "flegged" in his direction!)

As we started the third paragraph with "as we" With the house lights down we were safe in our stalls, about half way back. Apart from the excitement brought on by hearing music louder than i ever had before i think the main emotion was one of "I can't believe that that's Johnny Rotten right there in front of me!!!!" What a buzz. Half way through the set, i had relaxed a little and was screaming "ANGER IS AN ENERGY" along with everybody else,, and by the end i was standing on the seat in disbelief as Johnny and his band of LA sessioners played Pretty Vacant and Anarchy In The UK to close the set. It didn't matter to me that Jah Wobble wasn't on bass or that Bill Laswell wasn't doing the front of house... back then i wouldn't have recognised Bill Laswell if he had walked into my bedroom and pressed the "SuperBass" button on my Aiwa walkman.

Within a week i had bought every PIL release on cassette and had put up my poster that i bought outside the gig in the middle of my bedroom wall.I think i started buying NME at that time and always went straight for the gig listings.. i had found a new religion, one that stayed with me until this day.

(postscript- actually none of the session musicians were part of the touring band in 1986. A new band was put together to tour the Album album... thanks for reading reading.)

Friday, August 05, 2005

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Maximo Park - The Coast Is Always Changing.mp3

Maximo park, market tavern, hove 19 july 2005

In a torrent of tumult smith side-parted the waves.
He was on the crest and the cusp.
We looked into the future.
Heads held aloft and looking left field.
Keyboardist extolling us to play our cards right.
Always “higher!”, “higher!”
He was jumped up.
We were too.
Hairstyles picked with a fine toothcomb.
But we waded through mud.
Shame! I hollered at the soundist.
Smith’s prose deserved better than this.
The horrors of a hometown.
No place to have your heart rent asunder.
But we went halfers on the billingham.
He had to leave somehow before they ran him out of town.
We felt the pain, felt the shame, apportioned no blame.
Smith played in the bemusement arcade.
Black suit, red shoes, blue heart.
A bitter shanty and two sea shandies were the order of the night.
Don’t. Ask. Me. Ask me. Ask me.
The toppermost beckoned.
A minor seventh seduced us.
We lost our heeds, we were all over the shop.
For a b-side encore?
Provincial sophistry still won hands down though but.
We were up.
All night.
Extolling the virtues of the outsider.
Smith left his mark...
Click To Buy.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Robert Plant - Song To The Siren.mp3

Siren - A sea nymph whose singing lured sailors to destruction on the rocks, well according to greek mythology anyway. I have always held a strange attraction for dangerous women well when I say dangerous I don't mean in a serial killer or bunny boiler kinda way, more like mysterious edgy dark type of thing like they are holding a secret but your not quite sure what. I've always been getting involved with woman I shouldn't even in school like the time my English teacher..........erm well that's another story.

Song To The Siren was originally recorded by This Mortal Coil in 1984 but only reached number 66 in the charts over here, Im not sure if it was successful anywhere else. Despite its lack of popularity it has been covered by every man and his dog ranging from hard house classics by Lost Witness to rock ballards like Robert Plant's version. Plant manages to transform the original from a classy still poetic tearjerker into a full on emotional rollercoaster full of love, hope, despair and rejection all portrayed through his array of vocal talent.

When I first heard Song To The Siren I was going through some difficulty with one of my ex's(well when I say difficulty I mean she called me a cheating lying bastard and that I should never contact her again). May I just say that her accusations were totally unjustified and I had never cheated and I think she was just using this as an excuse to dump me and still keep the moral high ground.

So I was feeling very emotional sitting in my room a bottle of Jim Beam in one hand and a razorblade in the other...you know how it goes then to top it all off on the radio after a splurge of the typical love songs (you know the ones that always seem to be playing during any break up) up pops this one.... Song To The Siren the icing on the cake. A song about declaring your undying love to someone only to have them fling it right back in your face whilst jumping up and down, over and over again on your heart until it splatters and drains until there is nothing left and getting endless joy from doing so in the process, I think I was on suicide watch for a week after that. It was also the only time I have ever wept after listening to a song although that's probably more to do with my state of mind than anything else. Click here to buy.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Gregory Abbott - Shake You Down.mp3

Driving through the southern counties of England last weekend, I was fiddling with the FM radio tuning knob as you do - drifting from local station to local station - when I came across a new one on me ... "Radio Smooth". The music was smooth, the adverts were smooth and the DJ's were smarm-dripping velvety vocal-chord merchants who doubled up as Disney voice-over men. (And with such sincerity too). I listened through the melange of nice, warm, sweet songs. Feeling 'Mmm Mmm'; it was like pissing in the swimming pool. Sweeter than a baby possum dipped in golden syrup.

Anyway, I got to thinking that I never seem to post any smooth music on this 'ere blog. It invariably seems to be edgy stuff from me. Or stuff that's rougher than a bear's arse. Loud or gruff, or full of funny (peculiar and ha-ha) angular statements. Could this say something about me? I mean, my old compatriot London Lee at No 1 Songs In Heaven effortlessly posts songs that are smoother than a bucket of snake shit drizzled in finest Tuscan olive oil. How come such smoothness doesn't come naturally to me? I mean, it wasn't as if I was abused as a child; I was always in bed by the time my Dad came home from the pub. I like to think I'm a well-rounded individual. (I also received adequate counselling following the incident with the chicken).

Well, I've found a bona fide smooth one for you! A US male vocalist called Gregory Abbott. Hang on a minute while I Google him in ... http://www.vh1.com/artists/az/abbott_gregory/bio.jhtml seems to encapsulate the fellow quite nicely. I do like the idea that he coined the term "Groove Ballad". I mean how fuckin' smooth is that? Not only that (but much like meself), "Gregory is a favourite with the ladies for his sophisticated demeanor and intelligent green eyes". It also says here that "Shake You Down" went to number one on the Billboard pop, R&B and dance singles charts, and was the number three Pop Song of the Year in the magazine's year-end review of 1986. The platinum single became the fastest song in the history of BMI to reach one million airplays, and won BMI's Pop Song of the Year award as the most performed song.

Well, there you go. The evidence is as clear as a bulldog's testes; ... I think it's smooth - and so did loads of other folk! Consequently, by definition, ipso facto, I must be 1 smooth mutha ... with soulful strength and intensity too! I'm happy now - I feel like King Kong on 'Free Banana Night'.

Next week, I'll mostly be posting The Slits. Also if you would like to purchase some more of this old smoothie click here.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Rudimentary Peni - Blissful Myth.mp3
Rudimentary Peni - Flesh Crucifix.mp3

1985. Age: 14. First day of a new term at boarding school involved two events without fail. The bad,,, handing over the majority of my newly aquired spending money to pay off last terms poker debts. And the good,,, my "music friends" and i sharing our holiday musical finds.

When Tommo handed me his vinyl copy of Death Church, i knew from the mad glint in his eye that he had been looking forward to seeing my reaction since the day he had first discovered it in his local second hand record shop.
Tommo was a dangerous character at the best of times, many others feared him, but the fact that we used to listen to Never Mind The Bollocks full blast on the common room hi-fi whilst pogoing and throwing chairs around meant that i had a bond with him. He would never direct his twisted psychotic tendencies towards me.

When i looked at the sleeve i instantly knew why HE had bought it. Deranged pen and ink drawings of starving christ's, skeletal popes, "animal carcasses" and "shit coffins!". I was 14 years old and at that point the most dangerous music i had ever heard was Orgasm Addict on my Buzzcocks Singles Going Steady cassette.

I don't think i paid much attention to the lyrics at the time, -though could it be coincidence that it took me about 12 years to propose to my girlfriend fiance?- i just loved the fact that the sound of the record was like something from another world. Here i was in a catholic public school, singing in the choir at sunday mass but all the while thinking about practicing my electric guitar along to The Pistols, Buzzcocks, The Clash,, and now The Rudes, instead of doing my homework- or prep as it was called back then.

I didn't know who Nick Blinko was, or that he was struggling with mental illness, suffering from delusions that he was "Pope Adrian 37th"... all this sensational info i discovered this week after doing the obligatory blogger google thang. But it didn't matter. Like DVD says, here at the wife we are interested in the music that mattered to us along the way. Fuck the facts,, just listen up.
Are you all enjoying our new found personal approach?

I bumped into Tommo a few years after we had escaped the confines of the British public school system. He was living in a house with a front door without any locks or keys. You just booted the front door to gain entry. We talked for an hour or two whilst consuming the entire contents of his fridge... a huge bowl of vodka jelly. after which he smashed an acousic guitar on his head, then gave me a lift into town. That was 1991. I haven't seen him since. You can click here to buy the album.