ii last night an mp3 saved my wife

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Roxette - It Must Have Been Love.mp3

Following from DVD yesterday I thought I would tell of sexual encounter of a dirty kind. One of my first girlfriends was one of those Tom Boy types infact she looked a bit like roxette only a bit meaner and she was a brunette too, I think I only started seeing her for protection as she used to be pretty good at kickboxing and most of the Boys were scared of her nevermind the girls.

We had been courting (dating for our american counterparts) for about 3 months when suddenly
the moment had come we were left alone in the house without any parents and guaranteed not to be disturbed for at least several hours. I remember thinking to myself go on son you can do it afterall this is what you have been waiting for the holy grail, the golden fleece, a chance to drink from the furry cup, it was the time for me to become a man.

I started planning my strategy, how should I make my move? should I play it cool.....then wham WHAT THE...bash I looked up to notice I had been pinned to the floor,I was being attacked by a wild beast all I can remember is seeing these huge breasts hurtling towards my face. Then before I could take a breath they were upon me like Mike Tysons fist pounding my mouth whilst I gasped and struggled for air, first I was struck by the left then the right, left, right, left, left, I was taking one hell of a beating.

After surviving the first round I was in a bit of daze however I didn't have much time to reflect as I was soon battling for survival a second time, before I could say Bob's your uncle and Fanny's your aunt my pants had long dissapeard and by now she had my full attention if you know what I mean "wink wink" anyway I knew if I was gonna survive I would have to take charge. I fought my way to the top just to find myself being pinned for the second time, by now I new I had lost and decided to give in and let her have her evil way it will all be over soon I kept telling myself and I was right I wont go in to anymore details but just to let you know that girl could of sucked a tennis ball through a hosepipe. The first thing I remember afterwards was the song playing on the radio and the first line I heard was It Must Have Been Love, but its over now, its all that I wanted now I lost it somehow.

Its funny how that sort of thing happens and the lyrics could not have been more meaningful to me at the time, it's like when you finish a relationship and every song on the radio seems to be about breakups and love. If it dosen't kill you it will make you stronger is what my old pa used to say to me when I was a kid, I never really knew what he meant until that time. Click to Buy.
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