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Monday, July 25, 2005

Public Enemy - She Watch Channel Zero.mp3

Following the vibe of Devilfish’s Disposable Heroes post this is another song that seems even more fitting today, in a world of reality TV shows where people-watching has moved on from the scripted soap to the horror of programmes such as Big Brother, where cable telly is a norm in most households and having only four channels seems cheap and laughable. From the very fine album It Takes a Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back this catchy tune samples the crazed guitar lick from Slayer’s “Angel of Death” from their very fine album Reign in Blood

If the buzzing guitars and static aren’t enough to conjure up images of the minions of darkness beaming evil messages through the airwaves, then Chuck D and Flavor Flav’s lyrics hammer the point home. A nation of mindless zombies glued to their sets escaping the day to day reality into the glitz of TV land. Every day, every week, chewing their food to veg away hours of their lives watching the pap that drones on into the wee small hours, living the dream in their heads. “You’re blind, baby…”
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