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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Luke Temple - Old New York.mp3

It's nearly a year since i posted Luke Temple's Make Right With You. I first heard it at Pitchfork's mp3s page last year, and immediately tracked down the EP from which it came. And was glad i did. But of course my insatiable appetite demanded more and the album was still not out for months and months.
The advance mp3 of a forthcoming album track, Old New York, on Millpond Records site only made things worse, as it was the best track i had heard yet by Mr Temple.

Then at some point earlier this year another mp3 Someone, Somewhere showed up on Luke's Millpond page and i had yet another reason to want the album. I was growing more impatient all the while, especially as the charms of all the tracks i had heard to date were not fading, but were becoming constant companions who i would introduce to anybody who would listen.

I don't really know what's taken me so long to get around to posting a track of the album. Maybe hearing the tracks one at a time over a few months sort of ruined that first listening experience a little. Remember the old days when you used to have to go and buy the thing before you could hear any of it! That first virgin listen doesn't come around so much what with more and more labels (or blogs) offering a freebie or two to get you hooked...
Over the last couple of months the dust has settled and i would recommend the album to anybody, especially if you like that early Paul Simon voice that Luke does so well...

Now i am waiting to see if he will make his way across to the UK for a few shows at some point.

There are currently 4 tracks from the album up at Millpond...
Private Shipwreck (4.98 mb)
To All My Good Friends, Goodbye (7.69 mb)
Someone, Somewhere (3.2mb)
Make Right With You (4.47mb)

(click here to buy from Millpond)
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