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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Horace Silver - Song For My Father.mp3

Take a good look at the gent in the picture...none other than John Tavares Silver, the 'Father' the song's dedicated to...check the hat, cigar, tie; conclude that if dictionaries had pictures you'd find him right there, under 'dapper.'

Old John Boy hails from the Cape Verde Islands, and had a bit of a pedigree himself, playing violin and guitar at the parties that must have exposed Junior to all kinds of music...helping to set him on his way to becoming one of the all time great jazz pianists. Find out more about Horace Silver here.

According to Horace, this tune has a flavour of these childhood days, which is why he dedicated it to his dad. It also has "...the authentic bossa nova beat. Not just the monotonous tick-tick-tick,tick-tick, the way it's usually done..."

Not knowing an authentic bossa nova beat from a casio-tone one, I'll have to take his word on that...but one thing I do know is that this track's just got something I keep going back too, as does the album which is a bona fide classic. Get it here, and really start enjoying the summer...

Oh, I almost forgot to mention Steely Dan...
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