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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Gil Scott-Heron - Lady Day And John Coltrane.mp3

Woah!... If you are checking back to see if you're gonna get another installment of reckless poisernal information overload i regret to tell you that i ain't goin there, alls i'm sayin is that i was a late starter due to a youth spent in preposterous victorian segregated schooling, and when the moment eventually came my way, it was more of a Napalm Death - you suffer.mp3 "lets get this over with" type thing than a sensuous Marvin soundtracked marathon.

... so in an attempt to please those punters who just hoover up the mp3 goodies, and must be fairly fuckin' bemused by old Hazel and Roxytits (especially if they haven't been reading as the wife gradually morphs into the readers pages of Razzle), here's one of the greats.

Have any of you's seen Gil Scott-Heron live?

My mate who first introduced me to Gil has had tickets a couple of times to see him in the 90's. But apparently he didn't use to turn up that frequently. My mate didn't mind that much 'cos his band do their thing anyway and he tells me his fans accept that when you buy your ticket, you are only buying a possibility of seeing him and they were still good nights.

I ripped this track from 1990's Glory compilation which is fantastic for those looking for a way of getting to know Gil's recordings. Unfortunately it doesn't have any tracks from the early poetry and percussion album Small Talk At 125th & Lenox. I think the earliest track on there is probably the essential The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (the Pieces Of A Man version with the band, which is also where Lady Day... originally came from). You already know that version right? With a groove supplied by Ron Carter on bass and Bernard Purdie on drums.
When Bernard Purdie was playing on a session he would set up a couple of screens on either side of his kit in the studio. On one was written "you gone done it" and on the other "you hired the hitmaker!"
There are 26 tracks on there taking you right up to the early '80's and they have ALL got something to offer. Do yourself a favour and click here to buy it, you won't regret it.
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