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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

G. G. Allin - No Rules.mp3

This article in the LA Times the other day got me thinking a lot about the "unwritten rules of blogging".

For any mp3 blogger there are maybe one or two golden rules that can't be broken, like posting whole albums for instance.
There are obvious reasons for this that are more to do with self preservation rather than blogger ethics. If you posted the whole Bloc Party album then you are probably gonna get yourself one of those cease and desist orders. And i imagine that we would all think "Rightly so".

Another rule states that you can't blog what other people have already blogged. What? Even if it has been taken down from the original site? What's the logic behind that (other than blogger egotism)?
If you post a track by a particular artist, whether you heard it first from another blog or were the first to unearth a hidden gem, aren't you helping the artist to find a wider audience? Supposedly the reason that many claim that they do this every day.
I know for sure from the e-mails that i receive from artists submitting their music for consideration that i have never come across an e-mail stating "i was going to ask you to support me and my music, but IndieKid at MusicBlog already mentioned me, so please don't promote me in any way, thank you".
Although if you do re-blog it would be polite to credit the source with a link.

Another rule that i think i can safetly say all of us at "the wife" reject is that of only posting unheard of rarities.
Andre Wiesmayr of Bumrocks may take a cynical view of this populist approach, claiming that "There's no reason for half of these sites to exist.." but we say "NO!" to elitist blog snobbery of the "my records are rarer than your records" type. Don't get me wrong, i love erm.. Bumrocks (on a daily basis) but if you don't want to read someone spouting off about how much they love Nirvana then it's easy... don't click on them. There is plenty of room for everyone out here, and people sharing their listening habits (whatever they may be) has got to be a good thing, hasn't it?
An interesting point to add here is that it's the tracks that you would imagine everybody might already know that clock the biggest downloads from our server, which tells you something about what people choose to click on.
And anyway, in these times of faster and faster connections why can't we listen to tunes that we have loved but maybe haven't played for a while... like a radio show with a quality playlist rather than an obscuro music lesson.

Anyway, i always thought the best thing about mp3 blogs is that there are NO RULES, there's room for everybody to do it... however they want to.
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