ii last night an mp3 saved my wife

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Clor - Stuck In A Tight Spot.mp3

Above Audio, brighton, wed 27th july.

Just back.
Suffering post traumatic clor disorder.
Body still jerking and juddering.
Shooting off at tangents.
They were all there:
Flaming lips.
Arcade fire.
And yes, even yes, jon anderson trilling and shrilling.
Swilled around like a fine wine.
Shot out sideways.
Got down to the we don’t want a hit single vibes.
Down on jollity farm.
Uneasy listening for the iOdd generation.
We are jazz rockist.
Fretting up and down.
Hunched shoulders.
Fingers akimbo.
Keyboardist working on checkout at lidl.
You got a nectar card?
He was scanning.
We were spazzing.
Shoes speak volumes.
Sneakers I espied.
But aye, there be a power pop chorus rearing it’s photogenic heed.
Short and suite.
A treat.
Clor, clor, clor.
How do you like it?
How do you like it?
Clor, clor, clor.

Billy bangs
Over and out.
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