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Monday, June 20, 2005

Tex Ritter - Rye Whiskey.mp3

The most well-versed western singer of any of Hollywood’s singing cowboys was Tex Ritter. Born Woodward Maurice Ritter in Panola County, Texas (the same county where Jim Reeves was born), Ritter was raised with a deep love of western music. When he entered the University of Texas at Austin in 1922 he met J. Frank Dobie, Oscar J. Fox, and John Lomax—three of the most noted authorities on cowboy songs, who added further to his knowledge of western music. While studying law in college Ritter had his own weekly radio program, singing cowboy songs. on KPRC in Houston.

In 1933 he released Rye Whiskey, I don't know why but it seems that from the begining of time that drinking whiskey and singing songs go hand in hand, when I try to drink whiskey and sing songs I just get pissed throw up and pass out. Ritter's' Rye Whiskey is a classic boozed up binge of a song that combines his unique dry humour and poignant wit. First he gets you laughing at the old drunk who seems to be getting along merrily with his life and enjoying his love hate relationship he has with the bottle, then you slowly realise that he has lost control of his life and starts slipping further and further in to the clutches of that damn whiskey and then song finishes with the lyrics: Rye whiskey, rye whiskey, you're no friend to me. You killed my poor daddy, God damn you, try me.
You can feel the bitterness and agonising pain that is trapped deep inside as he almost wills himself to suffer the same fate as he fails to break the chain. Try buying an introduction to Tex from here.
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