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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Squeeze - Some Fantastic Place.mp3

Ah, good old reliable Squeeze. These boys were many things over the years, but I guess it was their unpretentious lyrics I was first drawn to. And the baton-carrying for those gritty 'kitchen sink' dramas that first emerged in the smog of late 50s Britain. Squeeze spoke of 'sunlight on the lino' and - after drinking too much - I could relate to that. Yet, they weren't so much young men looking back in anger, as witty, charming, bloke-round-the-corner songsmiths reflecting upon domestic realism. But then, I s'pose it can be hard to touch the stars from Deptford!

The pop and the pathos within tunes such as 'Up The Junction', 'Vanity Fair', 'Cool For Cats' and 'King George St' painted pictures as clear as Dickens's London to me. Perhaps the reason they never had a No1, was that they didn't have an 'image'. Well fuck that ... they had the songs.
Looking back, we shouldn't take Squeeze for granted just because we grew up with them. They had their share of personal battles - as we all do - but like a pair of old slippers, they felt comfortable, warm, inviting and intimate. Even when the old soles came off, they were glued back down and re-formed!

This track, 1993's 'Some Fantastic Place' speaks for itself - and we can find our own personal references within. Written following the tragic death of the lady who had brought Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford together in the first place, it has a fascinating arrangement - given the poignancy of the lyrics. As a loving tribute and a celebration of a life, it does a mighty fine job. Nowhere as well known as 'Tempted', 'Labelled With Love' or 'Black Coffee In Bed' this song (from the album of the same name) came no less than 15 years after the debut single 'Take Me I'm Yours'. Reaching a lowly No 73 in the UK charts, 'Some Fantastic Place' is a sophisticated hidden gem and proved that Tilbrook and Difford had not lost the all-important knack of placing pictures in our minds.

Re-acquaint yourself at the well-tendered www.squeezefan.com , or rekindle the warm feeling and click here to buy from AmazonUK. Have a listen and don't forget to comment before clicking to another blog and discarding us like a spent, used tissue.
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