ii last night an mp3 saved my wife

Monday, June 06, 2005

Sparklehorse - Hundreds of Sparrows.mp3

Something odd happened the other week. Saturday, late afternoon, and Mrs Really's out somewhere in the sunlight, buying vegetables...blessed with an afternoon to myself I'm stretched out on the sofa, curtains drawn, music playing, enjoying the summer...

...and then there's the tiniest of scratchings from the fireplace...chips of gravel and grit rattle down the chimney...I'm on my knees to investigate, then all at once enveloped in a billowing cloud of brown dust...a battered starling flutters out, circles the room a few times and settles on a light-fitting. It's feet look scaley and bigger than they should, clicking on the brass. Fixing me with it's one good eye, the startled bird shrieks and defecates all over the coffee table. It makes a few more circles of the room, then returns to it's perch.

We spend a little while looking at each other until I come to my senses and open the curtains then all of the windows. The house is now filled with light, and after a heartbreaking near-miss, the starling finds the opening and flies out into the street, vanishing somewhere above the house...

...for me, it's a Sparklehorse moment, and something of an epiphany, though I'm still figuring it out...

I clean up, shower down, and rush to meet my wife in the market, surprising her with a bag of whatever the plural for 'avacado' is.

If your shelves are still missing 'Good Morning Spider', you could remedy the situation here.
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