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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Samuel Purdey - Lucky Radio.mp3

Looking back on the summer of '96 I don't remember much. Late nights and late (liquid) lunches. A few games of pool then on to the darts. Heady days indeed!

Then one day a small package dropped through the letter-box. Before my music journo flatmate (to whom it was addressed) could get to it I ripped it open to see what delight had been brought our way this time. The new Spacehog single perhaps, or Kula Shakers latest peace offering?
Or maybe, just maybe, something we'd never heard of, something unbelievable.

I slipped the CD out of the envelope, and yes, it was something new; a band yet to be discovered by the music bis masses. The words Samuel Purdey jumped off the cover in great swirly seventies type. It looked beautiful.

We opened the CD player and flung the first Bluetones album across the room, chucked in the Purdey CD and pressed play.
Wow! What the hell! It was perfect.

Instantly we were transported. Driving down the Malibu highway in a Mustang convertible, the wind ruffling through our beards. It was 1973 and we were on our way to see our favorite band Steely Dan play the Hollywood bowl. The chicks were giggling away on the back seat but we were transfixed by Silky Pete on S.O.F.T. fm.
"That was Lucky Radio by new boys Samuel Purdey. Next up, The Doobies."

Suddenly we were back in London.
"What happened?" I said.
"I don't know, but I've got a feeling it's gonna be a great summer."
"I think your right."
"Fancy a game of darts?"
"You bet."
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