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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Mystery Jets - Zoo Time.mp3

Monday morning sees the release of the Mystery Jets second single, On My Feet, on Good & Evil (producer Paul Epworth's new label). If you haven't heard them yet, here's their glorious debut Zoo Time to get you up to speed.

It starts (like the gigs) with a chant of "zoo time, zoo time, zoo time, zoo time..." followed by a 3 minute "intro" comprising of several musical sections that include singer/percussionist Blaine playing homemade pots and pans percussion, more "zoo time, zoo time..." chants, some Jean Michel Jarre type Germanic synth wig outs, and a few bars of what sounds like Yes' "Heart of The Sunrise" (you know, the track that's playing when Gallo walks into the strip bar at the end of Buffalo 66)... When the vocal does eventually come in, after about 3 minutes.. it doesn't hang around for long, it disappears again at about 3 minutes 20 secs. Well, if you will spend your formative years listening to King Crimson and the Floyd.

But the best bit is that it's a riot of creative ideas throughout which is never pompous, and always fun. I mean, even the band can't scream "zoo time, zoo time..." too many times without bursting into hysterics. It's addictive stuff, it's enough to keep you permanently logged on to the forum until the band announce their next free party in their Bedouin Tent down Eel Pie Island way. See ya there...

You can grab a few other Mystery Jets mp3's here, (as well as reading an extensive interview with the band.)

ps. Could this be the first ever review not to mention that Blaine's dad Henry plays guitar?... Oh, fuck!
(click here to buy On My Feet from Amazon UK)
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