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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Linda Perhacs - Chimacum Rain.mp3

"I'm spacing out, I'm seeing silences between leaves..."

I saw Antony And The Johnsons last night at the Academy 3 in Manchester. It was an intimate experience (admittedly shared with about 250 others). The way that Antony talked openly to the audience, sometimes mid song, made the show feel like a private audience with Antony at his home.
One particularly surreal moment was when he refused to play the next song unless we booed him. When the audience obliged, he coyly pretended to be horrified. Of course the boos and hisses quickly turned into double applause...

This morning i find myself looking for more intimate musical pleasures which leads me to Linda Perhacs. This is the opening track from Linda Perhacs great lost found album Parallelograms [1970].
After Parallelograms was released Linda disappeared for a couple of decades. The album was re-issued in her absence but the quality was poor since it was remastered from a vinyl pressing. Luckily though Linda re-appeared recently with the original studio master tapes and Parallelograms is now available in all it's glory replete with bonus tracks and demos.

Linda has been into the studio again this year to re-record the track Parallelograms...

"All these years I have known that we did not yet have the necessary equipment or the technology musically to do “Parallelograms” to it’s full extent. This spring, 2005, Ron Shore (www.musiccomposer.com) of LA helped me to realize this dream by using today’s equipment to re- do this title song. It is amazing!!! And, it is finally what I saw interiorly years ago when I created this piece. I do hope to release this cut very soon. Ron is a genius and this new “Parallelograms 2005” using today’s equipment and surround sound has sounds that are really both wild and wonderful! And, they are exactly the sounds I originally envisioned years before this equipment was available. The middle part of “Parallelograms 2005” really goes out into the universe and you go with it as the sound creates circles and semi circles and parallel sounds all around you- it is kind of a journey in the ethereal and the beautiful; sometimes a bit eerie, yes, but it has harmony and a soft ethereal quality that leads you out with a cadence of rhythmic guitars and voicings. It was always meant to be a composition of multi- dimensional sound, color and forms and light. (Earphones are a MUST!)
Soon, I hope to complete a Visual Journey to go with it via DVD---"
I was undecided about whether to post the title track, but i couldn't resist the Chimacum Rain, because of the multitracked "rains" that come pouring over each other in the chorus'... Exquisite!
(click here to buy Parallelograms from AmazonUK)
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