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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Keith West - Excerpt From A Teenage Opera.mp3

Curiouser and curiouser. You can't say we don't bring you a diverse assortment!

What's your first musical memory? This song is one of mine.
In the summer of '67, up my cobbled street - lodged between The Beatles, Tremeloes, curly white hair, short pants and grazed knees - came this oddity.

And, if ever there was an example of a multi-talented, versatile musician being known for just 1 song - then it must be Dagenham's Keith West. For a decade wef 1965, this guy had more fingers in more pies throughout music's grocery store than I have ... er, metaphors!

Perhaps to be best remembered for this song (better known as 'Grocer Jack') is a questionable badge of honour. Kids loved it's pop purity - and so must the many others who helped to make it reach No 2 in the then booming UK charts.

The song has a simple tale - but with many a salutory lesson! Old Grocer Jack, the door-to-door delivery man, hasn't missed a day's work for decades. But, when he doesn't show up one morning ... well ...

I know, I know ... most of you young bloggees were still swimming warm and safe within dad's scrotum back in the 60s. But I wonder, has anyone out there heard this song before? Or do you recall singing along to it? Was it a hit in the US?

Keith West deserved far more commercial success. His pedigree progressed through Mod Soul, R&B, pop/rock psychedelia and West Coast harmonies. He was lead vocalist and tunesmith with bands The In Crowd, Tomorrow (pictured), and Moonrider. You could do worse than seek out his Groups & Sessions Compilation album from here.

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