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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Guevara's Ghost - antitank.mp3

One of the pleasures of being an mp3 blogger are the unsolicited e-mails that appear in your in-box containing links to mp3's. They usually start with a paragraph of flattery about your "amazing" blog, but all too often the mp3's turn out to be a real let down. However, when The Raging Family sent us this link to their latest album, the "Black Hole Transmission", most of us at Last Night.. had downloaded and were listening on repeat by the end of the day.

The Raging Family have got a great attitude to sharing music, with hundreds of mp3's available on their site. Whole albums, mash up albums, DJ sets and collaborations... with the instructions "If you like what you hear, blog it, email it, blast it on the radio, burn copies for your friends, this is what the ott's is all about!".
In our usual sluggish way, we didn't get round to blogging the Black Holes before others put it out there first, but if you still haven't heard it yet then you should check it out here.

Today's track is a project called "Guevara's Ghost", and features The Raging Family's Cosmos Corbin producing "one of the west coast’s premier touring tango groups, Mood Area 52."
The mix of hip-hop beats and traditional tango music is unlike anything else in my music collection, and comes repleat with it's own brand new Genre ID3 tag "Ghetto Accordian".
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