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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Eric Burdon - San Franciscan Nights.mp3

Leaving the UK for the California coast, Burdon picks up a new band and also reinvents himself as a sorta peace & love cosmic older brother, instead of a boasting, boozing blues singer. From '67 and '68. Eric had become psychedelised and the evidence oozes out of every pore on Winds of Change. The album includes such hits as (San Francisan Nights, Monterey, and Sky Pilot) mixed up a lot of Eric Burdon's most interesting work. All originals except for a trippy reworking of the Stones' Paint It Black. In addition to the hits, some of Eric Burdon's most interesting work resides on these sides: Poem by the Sea, Hotel Hell, Good Times, Anything, Orange and Red Beams, We Love You Lil, and All is One are among the best songs Burdon ever had a hand in writing. The shout/spoken Man-Woman predates his later 70's work with War, the spoken work story The Black Plague is still chilling in an E.A. Poe meets EC Comics kinda way. San Franciscan Nights captures a moment or at least a bit of the mythology of a magical moment in a corny but sweet san franciscan style. You can check this album out here.
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