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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Billy Fury - Wondrous Place.mp3

The £44,000 bronze statue of Billy Fury, a project conceived by Peter and Lynda Keller, and achieved by six years of fund-raising by the Sound Of Fury fan club, was unveiled in the Museum of Liverpool Life on Easter Saturday, 19th April 2003. It was the magical, vulnerable quality that Billys voice projected which convinced impresario Larry Parnes to put the young Liverpudlian deckhand on stage the same night he gatecrashed a dressing room audition in 1958 and forced Marty Wilde (who's guitarist believe it or not was none other than Liverpool legend Jimmy Tarbuck) to listen to his song. So impressed was Parnes that he swiftly plucked Billy from his job on the Mersey tugboats, Billy (real name Ronald Wycherley) became a bequiffed figure in pink suits and silk shirts. It was something that austere post-war Britain had seen only in grainy images from America, where Fury went on to hobnob with the likes of Elvis. Buy this true rock 'n' rollers best tracks right here.
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