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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ash Ra Tempel - Bring Me Up.mp3

Before creating his Balearic masterwork E2-E4 Manuel Gottsching was the leader of krautrock brain twisters Ash Ra Tempel. A group so far out they thought it would be a good idea to lock themselves in a studio with acid godhead Timothy Leary and a catering service that only served lemonade spiked with LSD.

The album 'Seven Up' proved it was not a good idea. A turned on, tuned out Leary dribbling nonsense into a mike over Ash Ra's fucked up backing sounds great on the first listen, but soon makes you want to run to mommy and cry yourself to sleep.

luckily Gottsching escaped the clutches of the Dr. and recruited the beautiful and little more down to earth Rosi, for the blissed out Ash Ra classic 'Starring Rosi'. A folk/funk delight that gave Manuel a chance to let his wah wah swing free.
It's the last track on the lp 'Bring Me Up', that really makes you wanna pack your bags and set sail to a forgotten isle and watch the sun go down whilst sipping a lemon ice special (Dr T's recipe). Enjoy!
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