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Monday, May 02, 2005

Tom Waits - hoist that rag.mp3

Tom Waits lp's just get better and better as the weather gets warmer, by mid summer Real Gone is gonna sound as good as Bone Machine. Makes me wanna pull on my elephant leg pants (see charlie buke) get in my flatbed and drive to the nearest bar and down a couple of breakfast beers before i get my hands dirty. Guess if you live in a barn under the Californian sun and make your own instruments outa scrap metal this is how your music is gonna sound.

Had the good fortune to see Tom Waits play in London last year and he opened with this track, unbelievable! Marc Ribot and band start up, then Tom Waits comes on, bent double and attacks the mic.
Best gig ever? You bet!
(click here to buy Real Gone)
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