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Monday, May 23, 2005

Smog - rock bottom riser.mp3

There is only one week to go before the UK release of the new Smog album A River Ain't Too Much To Love. It is a collection of songs that sees Bill Callahan putting down his electric guitar that featured heavily on 2003's Supper, and picking up his acoustic. The instrumentation (acoustic, plus bass and drums with the odd harmonium/piano) may be slightly different but the songs are on familiar grounds, as he confesses intimate details of his life in his trademark baritone croaky whisper. Sometimes bleak, but often funny. At points on the album we find him either lying on his bed laughing, as he thinks of the pornographic images of his own past, or leaning into an old unused well shouting "Fuck Y'all!", "I suppose everyone's got their own thing they shout into an empty well".

If you are already a fan then I don't think you will be disappointed by A River...
Rock Bottom Riser is my personal favourite from the album and one that I am really looking forward to seeing him play when he rolls into town in a few weeks time. (click here for dates)

Two other mp3's from the album can be heard at Drag City (I Feel Like The Mother Of The World), and Orbis Quintus who posted an mp3 of the aforementioned "seven minute epic" The Well.
(click here to buy A River Ain't Too Much To Love from AmazonUK)
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