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Monday, May 09, 2005

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - magnolia mountain.mp3

This is the first song off the new Ryan Adams album, Cold Roses. Although I am not a massive Ryan Adams fan, I may have to go back and eke out the hidden gems from his past recordings. I liked Gold in a Sunday morning after listening to Josh Rouse sort of way, but Magnolia Mountain has become the song that I play when I wake up EVERY morning since I got hold of it.

When I first played it, I couldn't help thinking "has Mr Adams been listening to a lot of Jason Molina recently?" Not just 'cos it's got the word Magnolia in the title, it's more than that. Ryan's voice seems to have taken on an even more weathered and battered feel. There is definitely the melancholy and heartbreak in there, which can be found on most Songs:Ohio or Magnolia Electric Co. recordings.
But then again, with the classic alt.country sound that The Cardinals create as his backing band it is never gonna be a million miles from the Magnolia Electric Co...
Homage, or not? Once they start rocking out on that cyclic guitar riff at the end you don't give a shit, cos it sounds so good!

You can stream the rest of the album here.
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