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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Ramones - teenage lobotomy.mp3

When The Ramones turned up to their first ever gig (Aug 1974) at CBGB's carrying instruments in carrier bags, they were taking advantage of the venue's policy of only presenting artists who played original material. These days CBGB's is facing possible closure due to a bookkeeping fuck-up which left them $xxxx in debt. I don't suppose it would change my life here in the UK dramatically if it were to close but moments spent projecting myself into pictures like this make me feel like screaming "there must be something that we can do!" Seems i am not the only one, as an e-mail campaign to keep the place open is gathering momentum as the case is due to appear in court in the near future, click here to read more.

Credit to anyone who makes a rhyme out of “cerebellum”. This is the Ramones, who, armed with only two or three chords, can make you jump around like a big, hairy loony. Teenage Lobotomy is my particular favourite for this kind of thing…

“Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!”
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