ii last night an mp3 saved my wife

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Nina Simone - don't smoke in bed.mp3

Oh Nina, Nina, Nina....

Was there ever anyone who so completely possessed a song as she did?

Once upon a time I found myself slightly disappointed to find that the 'Nina Simone Original' version of the countless covers she'd inspired (from the likes of The Animals, Jeff Buckley, Elvis Costello etc, etc, etc) wasn't actually penned, merely 'interpreted' by her...but you live and learn, don't you?

Now I'm older, wider, and much more pretentious; so I know for a fact that it matters not a jot who might have written the tune, by the time Nina was finished with it, it was hers.

And never more so than on this particular recording...the story of a woman leaving her man...with Nina at the height of her powers she transmutes what is undoubtedly a wonderfully crafted song into something truly profound.

Listen in the dark. Cigarette optional.
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