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Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Monkees - Pleasant Valley Sunday.mp3

So what did we all do on Sundays before Garden Centres and Do-It-Yourself Megastores rounded us up sheep-like into their homogenised magnetic field?
As we emerge from another ('bumper bonanza') Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, I can safely re-affirm the belief that I would rather boil my own testicles in a cauldron of rancid goose fat than visit another shopping mall. This is, perhaps, sour grapes on my part - due to my own piss-poor 'Jack Hammer' DIY and Gardening ineptitude. "As much use as a marzipan dildo" is how my lovely wife describes my 'handyman' skills, as I drag another half-ton soggy sack of rotting Compost to the car.

"Pleasant Valley Sunday", written by Carole King and Jerry Goffin, was The Monkees' fifth single. It's sung by drummer Micky Dolenz and features a guitar riff probably influenced by The Beatles' "I Want To Tell You"and played by Mike Nesmith. The mono and stereo mixes differ considerably and other versions have risen since the original - long ago in '67.

The song's satirical(?) commentary encapsulates the suburban middle-class cul de sac that many of us go up - as we try to keep our charcoal dry and our lawns trim. I reckon that the neighbours on this street in Pleasant Valley must include, 'Semi-Detached Suburban Mr Jones' (Manfred Mann) and 'Mr Pleasant' (The Kinks). It's also at the junction with 'Respectable Street' (XTC) where the 'Stereotypes' (Blur) live.

So, why not be as deeply unfashionable as me and appreciate The Monkees? The band that go way beyond their Hollywood TV show. Many a fine compilation has been released down the years - for example 'The Definitive Monkees'. Submerge into The Monkees back catalogue. You can read reviews as you shop - at Amazon.co.uk.

I'm a believer.

PS: Go and prune your hardy perennials.
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