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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Maximo Park - Postcard of a Painting.mp3
Maximo Park - The Coast is Always Changing _XFM session stream

Maximo Park (or Maxeemo Pork as they are known in their hometown of Newcastle) are playing in Leeds tonight. Current single -Graffiti- (listen here) is a burst of energy to rival the Kaiser's "riot", and with The Blood Arm supporting, it should make for a decent night.
Postcard Of A Painting is taken from the forthcoming debut album A Certain Trigger.
A couple of friends commented on the similarity of A Certain Trigger to The Smiths (at least it's not The Futureheads!) this week, and i suppose they must be referring to Postcard...
Is it the "What Difference Does It Make" intro? Or the 2 note "your eyes..." melody which is pure Morrissey?
You can listen to other selections from the album here at Bleep.

There are 3 more Maximo session tracks on the XFM site for those who want them, click here.
XFM is often a good resource for hearing the latest thing live. There's some Antony And The Johnsons on there at the moment, including My Lady Story and Hope There's Someone.
They also got your Bloc Party, and they got your ..erm,, Rogers Sisters..

... and does anybody know if Paul Smith got his "soft boy" back?
(click here to buy A Certain Trigger from AmazonUK)
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