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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

David Crosby - Cowboy Movie.mp3

'If Only I Could Remember My Name' was for a while one of those great' lost' albums, hidden in time under the 'classics'. Treasured by those who had bothered to listen to it and found it had ten times more soul than pretty much anything The Byrds ever released, (okay Byrdiacs, Notorious...' IS a classic).

You could find it filed along side 'On the Beach', 'No Other', and 'Pacific Ocean Blue', their sweaty owners gaga over tales of drug fueled fuck ups, and crashed dreams. The sixties where over but a lot of money had been made and now it was time to spend it. Solo album syndrome had well and truly set in. And Crosby made the most of it.

He gathered round every drug buddy he could find, every Laurel Canyon nutnut, and west coast freakbean, and somehow persuaded them to record this; an album so gentle, so blissed out, it sounds like someone had cut their coke with 'e' capletts.

Okay Crosby had managed to piss just about everyone off by this point, especially his fellow band members in C.S.N., but they still all dropped everything to help 'The Walrus' put together his debut solo album (and last for many years).
(click here to buy If Only I Could Remember My Name)
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