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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Art Brut - moving to L.A..mp3

I have been having a lot of fun with Art Brut's debut album Bang Bang Rock & Roll recently.
The initial rush of Formed A Band seems long ago now, but like those annoying toothpaste commercials say... "it's still working!". (or is it mints?.. or shampoo?..whatever)
It's still a hit at the local primary school disco, and my 5 year old tells me that at least 3 bands have started up since it's release in 2003.
Unfortunately one of 'em split up last week, but apparently they are "all getting back together with a different singer".

On Fight, -chorus="Come on, Come on, let's have a fight!"- we get Eddie Argos at his "hardest" and maybe his funniest. Over a schoolyard chant of "fight, fight, fight, fight, fight...", he is persuading his mates to get the other gentleman outside the boozer...
"What's that?...I could have 'im...I could slaughter 'im...What?..Yeah he's a bit bigger,, a bit bigger. But, but, he's drunker than me, when he's not looking I'll..."
It's like Mike Skinner drinking in Camden Town.

Moving To L.A. is a standout track. It conjures up just enough sunshine to project Eddie to the strip, and although not recorded with maybe the same precision as a late period Steely Dan album, it is complete with jet engines and Eddie contemplating getting a tattoo as he
"drinks Hennessey with Morrissey
on a beach,
out of reach,
somewhere very far away!"

And we haven't even mentioned the track about impotence... Rusted Guns Of Milan.
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