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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

David Crosby - Cowboy Movie.mp3

'If Only I Could Remember My Name' was for a while one of those great' lost' albums, hidden in time under the 'classics'. Treasured by those who had bothered to listen to it and found it had ten times more soul than pretty much anything The Byrds ever released, (okay Byrdiacs, Notorious...' IS a classic).

You could find it filed along side 'On the Beach', 'No Other', and 'Pacific Ocean Blue', their sweaty owners gaga over tales of drug fueled fuck ups, and crashed dreams. The sixties where over but a lot of money had been made and now it was time to spend it. Solo album syndrome had well and truly set in. And Crosby made the most of it.

He gathered round every drug buddy he could find, every Laurel Canyon nutnut, and west coast freakbean, and somehow persuaded them to record this; an album so gentle, so blissed out, it sounds like someone had cut their coke with 'e' capletts.

Okay Crosby had managed to piss just about everyone off by this point, especially his fellow band members in C.S.N., but they still all dropped everything to help 'The Walrus' put together his debut solo album (and last for many years).
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Friday, May 27, 2005

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Fall- Bill is Dead.mp3

...wherein the younger Mark E Smith skids and crashes his trike into the spongey and forgiving wall of erotic love. He gets up, all giggly, to find his knee's been scraped on the tarmac and a little blood seeps forth. He winces, but can't help enjoying it all despite himself. He gets back on the trike, pedals off, and starts singing 'Bill is Dead'...

...four days later he eats the ripened knee scab and pens another baffling album about tramps, syndromes, clerics and conspiracies. Then he dozes off, his smile like a crack in the flank of a parsnip...

You might like to check out Extricate, available from all the best retailers...

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Piranhas - Getting Beaten Up.mp3

She had pendulous breasts - the girl I was 'seeing to' back in 1980. Righto, now I've got your attention, get a load of this...

This week's posts of music by thirst-quenching new bands Art Brut and The Arctic Monkeys - and their impact on the 16-21 year olds of today - has brought about a warm, swelling surge of reminiscence within me.
In Cold War Britain circa 1980, (don't glaze over - you youngsters), when Nuclear oblivion sat like a rabid bulldog just around the pub corner, The Piranhas were a "you have to laugh, or else you'll cry" shaft of golden sunlight in a dark and dangerous world. Indeed, doing a 500-strong beer-stained Conga to 'Tom Hark' around the concert halls of GB whilst waiting for The Jam to come on was an ideal antidote to the 4 minute warning.

Brighton's 'Boring' Bob Grover led the ever-so-friendly and downright 'normal' Piranha boys - who's number included drummer Dick Slexia and the exotically named saxophonist Zoot Alors. (Holidays on the Continent were still a far-off luxury for most Brits, with poncey croissants and cappuccino almost unheard of). Other stripey T-shirt wearing wicked wit and energy merchants of the time included Attila The Stockbroker and Bad Manners. Once again, it was (Saint) John Peel giving them the priceless airtime/oxygen of publicity. (I reckon he'd have gone a bundle on Arctic Monkey by the way).

I vaguely recall - thru' a lager-that-tasted-like-lemonade haze - that this track "Getting Beaten Up (Is Part Of Growing Up)" was coupled with the song "(No Thanks, I'm Waiting For My) Boyfriend" - a line that was (and perhaps still is) the stock answer given by girls when asked if they would like a drink.

The Piranhas one and only eponymous 1980 album (SIRE SRK6098) can be found on vinyl at http://www.musicstack.com/tsearch/piranhas/piranhas. Strangely though, the more recent 're-issue' CD on the Anagram label is, sadly, not all it seems. The titles are much the same but are chiefly demo-tracks that pre-date the Sire album and are not how you may remember them. That said, it's far far better than unemptied dustbins, unemployment and a fuckin' Winter of Discontent!

Interesting link at http://www.stockaitkenwaterman.com/artists/pira01.htm
More Brighton (& Hove) happenings at the fine http://www.punkbrighton.co.uk/index.html

Arctic Monkeys - A Certain Romance.mp3

Got this mp3 from The Sheriff. The mp3 is quite crunchy, but it only adds to it's charm.
So the intro sounds like the opening track off the third Libertine's album, yeah and...

Arctic Monkeys release their first single -Five Minutes With Arctic Monkeys- on their own Bang Bang label on Monday. You can hear/watch Fake Tales of San Francisco from it here. It's worth a look, it's got some good live footage.
The tour kicks off tomorrow in the band's hometown, at the Sheffield Boardwalk.
The bands forum is buzzing about the gigs, and the press are keen too. There are tales from a Boardwalk gig from the start of the year when the whole audience erupted into song, even though the band have yet to release anything. It's looking like this could be your last chance to see them up really close (most of the venues on the tour are small).

If you can't wait until Monday to spend Five Minutes With Arctic Monkeys, or are feeling particularly charitable, you can download the B-side From The Ritz To The Rubble from Warchild. You get to spend Two And A Half Minutes With Arctic Monkeys and 70p goes to help children in need... read here.
You can also buy all Five Minutes... off i tunes now.

...anyway, if Alex Turner can keep writing songs as good as A Certain Romance or Scummy, then those Libertines comparisons could soon be irrelevant.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit.mp3

Here are a few Interesting facts about White Rabbit you might not know....
White Rabbit was written by Grace Slick, who based the lyrics on Lewis Carroll's book Alice In Wonderland. Like many young musicians in San Francisco, Slick did a lot of drugs. She saw lots of drug references in Carroll's book, including the pills, the smoking caterpillar, the mushroom, and lots of other images that are generally trippy. She noticed that lots of children's' stories involve a substance of some kind that alters reality, and felt it was time to write a song about it.
Slick wrote and performed this when she was in a band called The Great Society, she also wrote "Somebody To Love," before she joined Jefferson Airplane in 1966 both tracks went on to be hugely successful. Slick got the idea for the track after taking a lot of trips and spending hour upon hour listening to the Miles Davis album Sketches Of Spain. The Spanish beat she came up with was also influenced by Ravel's "Bolero."

I hadn't heard this song for years then last week I went to see the stage production "Blue Man Group" which prompted me to use this track as it brought back a lot of memories for me. I used to listen to Airplane a lot when I was a teenager and I think this song is a great representation of the feeling of isolation and segregation that you generally feel when you are teenager still growing up. The whole trippy affair can be related to by teenagers from all around the world no matter what decade you grew up in, that is what makes it such an all time classic masterpiece.

Another Interesting fact is that drummer Spencer Dryden was Charlie Chaplin's nephew, God rest his soul. Click here to Buy.

Art Brut - moving to L.A..mp3

I have been having a lot of fun with Art Brut's debut album Bang Bang Rock & Roll recently.
The initial rush of Formed A Band seems long ago now, but like those annoying toothpaste commercials say... "it's still working!". (or is it mints?.. or shampoo?..whatever)
It's still a hit at the local primary school disco, and my 5 year old tells me that at least 3 bands have started up since it's release in 2003.
Unfortunately one of 'em split up last week, but apparently they are "all getting back together with a different singer".

On Fight, -chorus="Come on, Come on, let's have a fight!"- we get Eddie Argos at his "hardest" and maybe his funniest. Over a schoolyard chant of "fight, fight, fight, fight, fight...", he is persuading his mates to get the other gentleman outside the boozer...
"What's that?...I could have 'im...I could slaughter 'im...What?..Yeah he's a bit bigger,, a bit bigger. But, but, he's drunker than me, when he's not looking I'll..."
It's like Mike Skinner drinking in Camden Town.

Moving To L.A. is a standout track. It conjures up just enough sunshine to project Eddie to the strip, and although not recorded with maybe the same precision as a late period Steely Dan album, it is complete with jet engines and Eddie contemplating getting a tattoo as he
"drinks Hennessey with Morrissey
on a beach,
out of reach,
somewhere very far away!"

And we haven't even mentioned the track about impotence... Rusted Guns Of Milan.
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Monday, May 23, 2005

Smog - rock bottom riser.mp3

There is only one week to go before the UK release of the new Smog album A River Ain't Too Much To Love. It is a collection of songs that sees Bill Callahan putting down his electric guitar that featured heavily on 2003's Supper, and picking up his acoustic. The instrumentation (acoustic, plus bass and drums with the odd harmonium/piano) may be slightly different but the songs are on familiar grounds, as he confesses intimate details of his life in his trademark baritone croaky whisper. Sometimes bleak, but often funny. At points on the album we find him either lying on his bed laughing, as he thinks of the pornographic images of his own past, or leaning into an old unused well shouting "Fuck Y'all!", "I suppose everyone's got their own thing they shout into an empty well".

If you are already a fan then I don't think you will be disappointed by A River...
Rock Bottom Riser is my personal favourite from the album and one that I am really looking forward to seeing him play when he rolls into town in a few weeks time. (click here for dates)

Two other mp3's from the album can be heard at Drag City (I Feel Like The Mother Of The World), and Orbis Quintus who posted an mp3 of the aforementioned "seven minute epic" The Well.
(click here to buy A River Ain't Too Much To Love from AmazonUK)

Friday, May 20, 2005

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Beach Boys - Girl Don't Tell Me.mp3

Not much to say about Brian Wilson and his cute
little beach buddies that hasn't already been
said a million times. Mean 'ol dad who beats 'em
round the head 'till they sing like girls... a Beatles
fixation that will drive Brian to Battersea Dogs
Home... a hunger for acid that made Huxley, Leary,
and Barrett look like the Kingston Trio...

As for the music; there's not a song, lyric, or chord
change that hasn't been fawned over and disected
to death. From thier early( funny) stuff, to their sad
late period, every album is deamed in some way

And hey, who am I to argue?
(buy it)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Cornelius - Drop.mp3

I can't help but be charmed by Cornelius (Keigo Oyamada) and his wry sense of humour...

...after recording the sublime Point, his interviews promoting it ranged from enthusiastic and apparently sincere expositions on the sources of its inspiration (the universality of city life and his attempts to capture it's essence by recording the neighbourhood sounds of birds, bugs, and ambient urban drones...) ;to piss-takingly banal details of an obssession with mixing up vanilla ice-cream with plain yoghurt, apparently his snack-of-choice at the time.

It's precisely this mix of contradictions that makes his work so interesting...his earlier Fantasma included badly-whistled snatches of Beethoven among the cornucopic samples, breakbeats, slabs of feedback and general layers of din.

Point, however, is a considerably more chilled beast. The track selected for you, gentle reader, features the sounds of water drops and bubbles arranged into a rhythm track, and it's as fun to listen to as it must have been to record.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Tornados - Telstar.mp3

Spirit-lifting optimism - that's what we could do with!

For those watching in black and white, this one's in technicolor.

The very first British-made No 1 single in the USA fired all kinds of inspirational thoughts and imaginary pictures of space orbits and other worlds beyond the dark satanic mills. The pathfinder to an instumental transatlantic beat-boom, Telstar also paved the way for the mighty 'British Invasion' which was to soon follow. (Other key events in October 1962; The Beatles were releasing 'Love Me Do' and I was being born .. on a red leatherette sofa!)

The Tornados were a highly competent group of young musicians produced by the now legendary Joe Meek. (Buy their CD here). This was his homage to the other historical event of that time - the first trans-Atlantic TV broadcast - made possible by the satellite named 'Telstar'.
Ah yes, technology. The sound was achieved using a small monophonic battery-operated electronic keyboard (which foreshadowed the synthesizer) called the Clavioline. With one foot in steam-powered record production and the other treading in a free-er and wider life, Meek caught the mood perfectly. It took 25 years before ELO's 'answer record' - "Calling America" appeared. We now take satellites and continent-spanning music for granted, but Telstar remains the earliest musical memory for many a baby-boomer.

Why not leave a comment as you download? I'd be interested to know what you think of this - particularly those of you under 30. Is this a timeless classic, or is it woefully lost in space?'
And what was the Number 1 when you were born?
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Monday, May 16, 2005

Lyle Lovett - Stand By Your Man.mp3

While from the outset Lyle Lovett sounded like a hard artist to pigeonhole, his sponsors at Curb Records and MCA Records seemed determined to sell him as a country artist, though the blues and retro-jazz leanings of Lovett's second album, Pontiac, suggested that strategy would only be practical for so long. With his third album, 1989's Lyle Lovett and His Large Band, Lovett seemingly sidelined any career aspirations as a mainstream country act he or his handlers may have held.

Stand By Your Man is quite an inspirational cover and only really works because of Lyle's dead pan style, I think if he had tried to add a comedic tinge or had chosen any other way it would have fallen some what flat. However because Lyle has such a unique flavour and certain charm he preforms this cover perfectly and I think this is probably one of most inspired and best cover versions I can think of. Click me to buy.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Babe Ruth - wells fargo.mp3

On the credits for their 1972 debut album, First Base, Jennie Hann's contribution is listed as "vocal power". Her explosive performance on opening track Wells Fargo reveals why.

If you are familiar with Babe Ruth already, then it's likely that you have probably heard "The Mexican" which was a staple in Grandmaster Flash's DJ set and has subsequently shown up on countless hip hop mix CD's and comps. With good reason, as it is funky as hell, but it's strange to think of those British prog rock guitars blasting out at those early hip hop parties, I mean just look at the band!
Initially I was going to post their cover of Zappa's King Kong from the album. It has a similar groove to The Mexican (maybe next week?) but it's an instrumental so you wouldn't get to hear Jennie Hann belting it out. It gets me all nervous when I listen to her vocal, at times I feel like the little old lady in the Aphex Twin video Come To Daddy.
When I first heard The Mexican I assumed that it was a man singing, I think I had a picture of Jon Anderson in my mind. Something that was probably subconsciously planted after seeing the cover art of First Base which was created by Roger Dean of the Yes covers fame.

There is a rumour that the band are back together and recording again this year.
If you want more Babe Ruth info click here.
(click here to buy from AmazonUK)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

John Martyn - You Can Discover.mp3

I don't know what John Martyn track the guy in this story
(Under the Influence by Steve Ireland) is listening to, but
he's definitely chosen the right man.

He wants to surround himself with the great drinkers of
our time, writers (Hemingway, Bukowski, Carver),
actors (Reed, Burton, Harris), and rockers (Wood, Moon, Nilsson),
and immerse himself in their hedonistic ways, with the goal
of one day achieving the ultimate prize, full blown alcoholism!
It's hard not to like this guy, as it's hard not to like John Martyn.

Drunken lunatic by day, gobsmackingly beautiful singer
songwriter by night.
A recent documentary showed him barking at a polite Old
Grey Whistle Test audience "WHERE'S THE MONEY",
before falling into an angelic version of one of his classics.

The song I've gone for here is off the album Sundays Child,
not his best, but this track would be in my J.M. top 5, now
where did I put that list, oh I'm using it as a beer mat, shit.
Oh well, cheers... Dr Johnny.
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Deltron 3030 - Things You Can Do.mp3

In a future world somewhere between Mad Max and the Matrix, where the fragile remnants of society are held together by fear and frayed wire, the air outside is a stagnant soup of radioactivity and dust and the desert heat invades circuits and cells alike.

A totalitarian government watches your every move, claiming benevolence by protecting you from the harsh environment it created in the last two world wars, while you lead a lonely life in your private quarters bent over a desk soldering circuits that will ultimately be used to monitor your productivity.

But all is not lost. Deltron 3030 works the system devising this music to spread the word. You are being controlled but there is another way. Upload this to your system now to infect your brain with the virus that is the cure to future ills.
(click here to buy from AmazonUK)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Nina Simone - don't smoke in bed.mp3

Oh Nina, Nina, Nina....

Was there ever anyone who so completely possessed a song as she did?

Once upon a time I found myself slightly disappointed to find that the 'Nina Simone Original' version of the countless covers she'd inspired (from the likes of The Animals, Jeff Buckley, Elvis Costello etc, etc, etc) wasn't actually penned, merely 'interpreted' by her...but you live and learn, don't you?

Now I'm older, wider, and much more pretentious; so I know for a fact that it matters not a jot who might have written the tune, by the time Nina was finished with it, it was hers.

And never more so than on this particular recording...the story of a woman leaving her man...with Nina at the height of her powers she transmutes what is undoubtedly a wonderfully crafted song into something truly profound.

Listen in the dark. Cigarette optional.
(click here to buy from AmazonUK)

Monday, May 09, 2005

Kirsty MacColl - Soho Square.mp3

I'm really quite proud of the fact that I was one (of the very few) who bought the 1st single by the wonderful Kirsty MacColl. She was little older than me when "They Don't Know" came out on Stiff Records. It didn't trouble the chart - but I loved it. ('The Purley Queen' was etched on the excess vinyl run-off bit in the middle!) Distinctive, sharp and not a little quirky, to my mind Kirsty MacColl became 1 of the best songwriters that England has produced in the last 30 years. I was somewhat irked when Tracey Ullman successfully covered 'They Don't Know' 4 years later in '83, on the start of her road to millionairess US superstardom. Kirsty meanwhile, stayed peripheral in comparison.

The track available here - Soho Square - is from the 1994 album Titanic Days. It meant a lot then - but it means even more now. Soho Square is a spot in the heart of London where you can sit and contemplate life as the world hurries by.
As you may know, in Dec 2000, Kirsty was tragically killed by a speedboat whilst scuba diving with her sons in a restricted diving area off Cozumel, Mexico. She was 41.

Her mother Jean is seeking justice for Kirsty's tragic and untimely death. Please see http://www.justiceforkirsty.org/ for much more info.

If you don't know Kirsty's work, don't join those who overlooked her. If you do know her work, note that her wonderful Anthology - "From Croydon To Cuba" was released last month by EMI. Find out more at http://www.kirstymaccoll.com/index.htm
(click here to buy the Anthology from AmazonUK)

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - magnolia mountain.mp3

This is the first song off the new Ryan Adams album, Cold Roses. Although I am not a massive Ryan Adams fan, I may have to go back and eke out the hidden gems from his past recordings. I liked Gold in a Sunday morning after listening to Josh Rouse sort of way, but Magnolia Mountain has become the song that I play when I wake up EVERY morning since I got hold of it.

When I first played it, I couldn't help thinking "has Mr Adams been listening to a lot of Jason Molina recently?" Not just 'cos it's got the word Magnolia in the title, it's more than that. Ryan's voice seems to have taken on an even more weathered and battered feel. There is definitely the melancholy and heartbreak in there, which can be found on most Songs:Ohio or Magnolia Electric Co. recordings.
But then again, with the classic alt.country sound that The Cardinals create as his backing band it is never gonna be a million miles from the Magnolia Electric Co...
Homage, or not? Once they start rocking out on that cyclic guitar riff at the end you don't give a shit, cos it sounds so good!

You can stream the rest of the album here.
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Friday, May 06, 2005

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Candy Flip - Strawberry Fields.mp3

CANDY FLIP!!! FLIPPING CANDY!!! Strawberry Fields has he gone mad I here you all cry. Well actualluy YES I think I have, probably not the greatest cover version I have ever heard although to me this song epitomizes the 90s as an era. Strawberry Fields is the beatles classic that embodies the psychodelic culture of love, peace, sex, drugs and of course rock 'n' roll of the 60s which my mum was always harping on about.

I believe th 90s was actually a parody of the 60s with the warehouse parties and open air raves getting in to full swing, a new craze swept across the nation with everybody popping pills and getting down to DJ's just as much as they was in to bands. A new feeling of love had arrived and I embraced it with both hands, not since the 60s had the nation experienced such sexual energy and we were again free to experiment and explore and this time I was part of the revolution, this was my time, this time it was personal and I was a man on a mission.

Candy Flip's "Strawberry Fields" links the 60s to the 90s as they both capture the essence of the times, it might not be the greatest however it represents my teenage years and a time when clubbing and pulling was the only two thoughts that occupied my mind. Ahh the Soup Dragons whatever happend to them eh! 90s was a great time for music with bands like the Happy Mondays, Stone Roses & Inspiral Carpets to name a few...........but I guess you can say that about any decade as they are all full with little gems and golden nuggets, as you filter away through the years it easier to spot the greats and leave the shit behind. Buy this track here.

The Monkees - Pleasant Valley Sunday.mp3

So what did we all do on Sundays before Garden Centres and Do-It-Yourself Megastores rounded us up sheep-like into their homogenised magnetic field?
As we emerge from another ('bumper bonanza') Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, I can safely re-affirm the belief that I would rather boil my own testicles in a cauldron of rancid goose fat than visit another shopping mall. This is, perhaps, sour grapes on my part - due to my own piss-poor 'Jack Hammer' DIY and Gardening ineptitude. "As much use as a marzipan dildo" is how my lovely wife describes my 'handyman' skills, as I drag another half-ton soggy sack of rotting Compost to the car.

"Pleasant Valley Sunday", written by Carole King and Jerry Goffin, was The Monkees' fifth single. It's sung by drummer Micky Dolenz and features a guitar riff probably influenced by The Beatles' "I Want To Tell You"and played by Mike Nesmith. The mono and stereo mixes differ considerably and other versions have risen since the original - long ago in '67.

The song's satirical(?) commentary encapsulates the suburban middle-class cul de sac that many of us go up - as we try to keep our charcoal dry and our lawns trim. I reckon that the neighbours on this street in Pleasant Valley must include, 'Semi-Detached Suburban Mr Jones' (Manfred Mann) and 'Mr Pleasant' (The Kinks). It's also at the junction with 'Respectable Street' (XTC) where the 'Stereotypes' (Blur) live.

So, why not be as deeply unfashionable as me and appreciate The Monkees? The band that go way beyond their Hollywood TV show. Many a fine compilation has been released down the years - for example 'The Definitive Monkees'. Submerge into The Monkees back catalogue. You can read reviews as you shop - at Amazon.co.uk.

I'm a believer.

PS: Go and prune your hardy perennials.
(click here to buy The Definitive Monkees from AmazonUK)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It's Election Day here in the UK tomorrow, and many seem to be lost when it comes to choosing which party to vote for. A friend of Last Night... sent this picture in yesterday which seems to sum up many peoples current quandary, hope it helps if you are still undecided.

Maximo Park - Postcard of a Painting.mp3
Maximo Park - The Coast is Always Changing _XFM session stream

Maximo Park (or Maxeemo Pork as they are known in their hometown of Newcastle) are playing in Leeds tonight. Current single -Graffiti- (listen here) is a burst of energy to rival the Kaiser's "riot", and with The Blood Arm supporting, it should make for a decent night.
Postcard Of A Painting is taken from the forthcoming debut album A Certain Trigger.
A couple of friends commented on the similarity of A Certain Trigger to The Smiths (at least it's not The Futureheads!) this week, and i suppose they must be referring to Postcard...
Is it the "What Difference Does It Make" intro? Or the 2 note "your eyes..." melody which is pure Morrissey?
You can listen to other selections from the album here at Bleep.

There are 3 more Maximo session tracks on the XFM site for those who want them, click here.
XFM is often a good resource for hearing the latest thing live. There's some Antony And The Johnsons on there at the moment, including My Lady Story and Hope There's Someone.
They also got your Bloc Party, and they got your ..erm,, Rogers Sisters..

... and does anybody know if Paul Smith got his "soft boy" back?
(click here to buy A Certain Trigger from AmazonUK)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On (Rhythm & Strings Mix).mp3

For those of us who've somehow stumbled through life without yet discovering the delights of What's Going On, I'd say that you're in for a treat of biblical proportions. Ignore this posting and go out and buy the album immediately, from a shop in your neighbourhood. Make it a pilgrimage of your own. Walk your way back and notice the people on the street, the birds in the trees, the dogshit and the diamonds. Sit on a park bench, finger the packaging , look around and wonder why Mr Gaye's hanging about a place like this in the pissing rain. Marvel at his tailoring.

Once home, uncork the wine, unhook the telephone and disappear into what must surely be the greatest soul album of all time...if Stevie Wonder and Smokie Robinson rate it as such then who are we to quibble?

For the rest of us, here's an old favourite in a new light, lifted from the Deluxe Edition repackage of 2001 (no holy journey required...get it here!) Known as 'The Foundation", this stripped-down mix highlights the gorgeous arrangements of David Van DePitte and The Detroit Strings. Even without the soaring vocals, you can still feel the earth move.
(click here to buy WGO-Deluxe Edition from HMV-UK)

The Ramones - teenage lobotomy.mp3

When The Ramones turned up to their first ever gig (Aug 1974) at CBGB's carrying instruments in carrier bags, they were taking advantage of the venue's policy of only presenting artists who played original material. These days CBGB's is facing possible closure due to a bookkeeping fuck-up which left them $xxxx in debt. I don't suppose it would change my life here in the UK dramatically if it were to close but moments spent projecting myself into pictures like this make me feel like screaming "there must be something that we can do!" Seems i am not the only one, as an e-mail campaign to keep the place open is gathering momentum as the case is due to appear in court in the near future, click here to read more.

Credit to anyone who makes a rhyme out of “cerebellum”. This is the Ramones, who, armed with only two or three chords, can make you jump around like a big, hairy loony. Teenage Lobotomy is my particular favourite for this kind of thing…

“Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!”
(click here to buy Antholgy from AmazonUK)

Monday, May 02, 2005

Tom Waits - hoist that rag.mp3

Tom Waits lp's just get better and better as the weather gets warmer, by mid summer Real Gone is gonna sound as good as Bone Machine. Makes me wanna pull on my elephant leg pants (see charlie buke) get in my flatbed and drive to the nearest bar and down a couple of breakfast beers before i get my hands dirty. Guess if you live in a barn under the Californian sun and make your own instruments outa scrap metal this is how your music is gonna sound.

Had the good fortune to see Tom Waits play in London last year and he opened with this track, unbelievable! Marc Ribot and band start up, then Tom Waits comes on, bent double and attacks the mic.
Best gig ever? You bet!
(click here to buy Real Gone)