ii last night an mp3 saved my wife

Friday, April 22, 2005

debasserjo boxersgang starr
the clint boon experiencethe prodigyshawn philips
On all Fridays from now on we are going to start the weekend early with a "blind" DJ set where all "Last Night..." contributors throw a song into the mix. None of us know what any of the others are choosing so it should usually be a real random selection. There's no words on a Friday either, well apart from these ones, but we are hoping that you might wanna stick something in the comments to let us know what you like, or even what you don't.... click the old radio to stream all mp3s on the homepage, and here's hoping you have a great weekend from all at Last Night!

Griff: Debaser - fat girls.mp3 [buy it]
DVD: Jo Boxers - boxer beat.mp3 [buy it]
DeFish: Gang Starr - just to get a rep.mp3 [buy it]
Ignatius: The Clint Boon Experience - white no sugar.mp3 [buy it]
Dr Johnny: Shawn Philips - i'm tired.mp3 [buy it]
Clone: The Prodigy - poison.mp3 [buy it]
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