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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Jim Morrison - Newborn Awakening.mp3

I think most people know about the tale of Jim as a child when on a family holiday witnessed a car crash and watched a young indian boy dying at the side of the road, however I'm not sure people realise the extent of the impact that this incident played on his entire life. Jim later claimed that the spirit of child entered his body as he passed away, I believe this was just Jim's way coping with the situation.
This track fuses together funky beats of the doors peace frog with the enigmatic poetry of morrison telling the tale of that chance moment on the desert highway. However Jim always wanted to be recognised more for his poetry rather than being a rock god and a sex idol to millions. The album it comes from, American Prayer was released postumously, using recordings of his poetry that he had made after he moved to Paris, the Doors completed it by adding the music after his death.
His poetry book "lords and the new creatures" is well worth checking out if you like that sort of thing. Morrison always had a great talent with words and using them to great effect, a truly talented wordsmith of a modern generation. just check out "horse latitudes" where you can actually feel like you are experiencing the events as they unfold when the sea takes the lives of the horses and their riders. click here to buy from Amazon
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