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Friday, April 01, 2005

Jenny Bishop - Tracing The Evidence.mp3

This track started off quite an interesting week for me, why I here you gasp, well let me explain.
Earlier in the week I payed a visit to the doctor's and as usual they were behind in the appointments, so looking for things to occupy my time when I stumbled accross a free magazine called inspire created by the Jobcentre. Inside I discovered an interview with Jenny Bishop that I found quite intriging it describes how Jenny first got started on the New Deal For Musicians on the Jobcentre Plus website, she was put in touch with a producer Luke Bond who then helped her to cut a CD. Luke then gave Jenny the names and addresses of newspapers, magazines and agents and encouraged her to send copies of her CD. She then began to more gigs with the aid of the scheme, I was so impressed by this goverment scheme set up to help new home grown talent I decided to write this article to spread the word and to let anyone know who's interested as this may be of use to any budding artists outthere.

Tracing The Evidence is song about two people who get more attracted to the whole idea of being in love, than they are to each other. Jenny displays a great ease with her voice thats seems to enhance her natural beauty, her ability to write lyrics that easily identifiable and can be applied to most of our lives gives her a real chance of setting the world on fire. This post is dedicated to the lovely Ashley Brooks who sent me a very flattering e-mail earlier today, just like to say Ashley I would love to but unfortunately I'm married but it always nice to have offers. Please send me that picture you have of Le-Riff in a dress and I will post it next week.

Regards De-Fish,
To Buy The Album please visit www.jennybishop.com
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