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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ice T - Colors.mp3

From the soundtrack Colors from the 1988 smash directed by Dennis Hopper and starred in by Robert Duvall. It tells the tale of gang life in America when it was at its peak, it was also a catalyst to hole avalanche of similar type flicks like "Boyz In The Hood" & "Menace 2 Society". Surrounded by controversy at the time because white america thought that it glamorised gang villance and they were terrified that their teenagers would get involved in the scene.

From the famous first lines "I am a, nightmare walkin', psychopath talkin' / king of my jungle, just a gangster stalkin'..." to eerily accurate observations like "We gangs of LA will never die - just multiply" and "We all want peace / but our war won't end till all wars cease," Ice-T succeeds in explaining the gangbanger mentality in simple terms and comes across highly credible, both on a rhetorical and on a performance level. The menacing power hiding just below the cold reasoning, as well as simple yet effective writing ("My gang's my family, it's all that I have / I'm a star, on the wall's my autograph") make "Colors" one of the best depictions of a lifestyle rap music regularly likes to associate itself with. While his acting talents were not yet put to use in _Colors_, whoever picked Ice-T to compose its theme song made an excellent choice.

"You don't know me, fool
You disown me? Cool...
I don't need your assistance, social persistance
Any problem I got, I just put my fist in
My life is violent but violent is life
Peace is a dream, reality is a knife
My color's my honor, my color's my all
with my colors upon me one soldier stands tall
Tell me, what have you left me, what have I got?
Last night in cold blood my young brother got shot
my homeboy got jacked, my mother's on crack
my sister can't work cause her arms show tracks
Madness, insanity, live in profanity
then some punk claim that they understandin' me?
Give me a break, what world do you live in?
Death is my sect, guess my religion"

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