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Friday, April 15, 2005

Dexys Midnight Runners - burn it down.mp3

From now on all mp3's hosted on this site will be at 128kbps. The reasons for this are twofold.. 1. if we give away the best quality then there is a possibilty that people will just take what they can and never think twice about supporting the artists who we promote, and 2ndly. we have now got our streaming sorted out, and the lower the bitrate, the better it will work. Obviously for those reading this through their 56k modem on dial-up, sorry but you will probably not be able to enjoy this feature, but those of you at work/home/college on fast connections can now use the site in a way like never before. (all you have to do is click on the old radio in the right column and all of the mp3s on the homepage will be streamed to your PC with just one click!)

with this new feature in mind, we have also decided that we are gonna provide you with new content on a weekly basis, there is going to be 1 or 2 tracks posted EVERY day before 3:30 GMT. And on Fridays, starting next week, we are going to start the weekend early with a free for all where all Random Radio DJ's will post just music [five tracks in total], with no blurb.

so if you find that you sometimes check back and you have missed some tunes, then all you will have to do is maybe pop in once a week, and stream the lot, whilst you either read the posts (please!) or go about your usual on-line/work business. sorted.

the more curious of you may have noticed strange sounds ommiting from your PC when you hover above the old radio in the right colum, well this is the sound of you tuning into random radio (did you know that's the name of our server, and from where all these sounds are emitted... you do now!).
Some of you may recognize it - it is lifted from the opening of Dexys Midnight Runners album, and contender for the best debut of all time, Searching For The Young Soul Rebels. So it seems fitting to post the opening track from that t
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