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Monday, April 11, 2005

Delta - tonight.mp3

One reason that mp3 bloggers always put forward in their defense when the contentious debate of legality and/or morality of flaunting copyright issues arises is that they are doing the unknown artist a service by getting exposure for them that they wouldn't otherwise get. And this is especially true in this case, as Delta's career suffered more than most due to music business legal complications (see the last Delta post in the archive for details).

But if truth be told, sometimes this DJing to the world thing stems purely from that moment when you have to stop the track you are listening to half way through the first verse, in order to start it again with the volume turned way high, just cos it sounds so good. And with the power of the internet you can turn it up so loud that it fills all of the on-line world! (or maybe it will be played by a few people from each continent at the very least!)

Since I posted I'm Getting Darker by Delta last month i kept thinking of how I had written about James' voice, and how you could hear all the aforementioned misfortune in every syllable... well Tonight really captures him at his most fragile and for all of you who nearly did the click to buy thing (does anyone ever do that?), maybe this will swing it for you, cos if anyone ever deserved to be getting a new lease of life from us blogging those artists who missed out on successes in their time it's Delta.

Tonight is taken from the Laughing Mostly album on Dishy. An album of recordings made during their 5 years in the wilderness (read the archive!).
(click here to buy Laughing Mostly at AmazonUK)
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