ii last night an mp3 saved my wife

Friday, April 15, 2005

Compact Disc Jockey - Cant Get You Out Of My 24 Hour Party.mp3

Can't get you out of my head by kylie must be the most versatile track I've ever heard, I mean whatever I have heard it mixed in to it always sounds great like Ludacris Whats Your Fantasy and New Orders Blue Monday to name but a few. This white label mix is on fire if I was to name a top 10 list of tunes to make you groove then this would be up there, this bad mutha will get even the most reluctant hard nosed straight laced punter on to the dance floor and falling over there 2 left feet.

There is quite a mysterious air surrounding the CDJ as very little is known of him, all I know is that there was 2 singles and no album release and the singles were given away free on his site that is now abandonded. His other single the B Side to this track can be found in our archives (MC_Blackpower ) I have also heard rumours that he might be related or had some relations with Constable Transubstandanation, (also posted in our archive) who knows I guess just CDJ. So what ever happened to this up and coming DJ Master who flirted with the idea of success before disapearing back in to the shadows like a creature of the night. If anybody has any information please let us know. Unfortunately there is no album for you to buy here but let this tune kickstart your weekend on high and lets pray that one day the enigma that is the Compact Disc Jockey may one day return to our dance floors with some more funky grooves to get on down.
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