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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bobby Powell - Peace Begins Within.mp3

When we think of classic blind soul singers, we tend to think of the likes of Ray Charles & Stevie Wonder which is a real shame. Around 1941 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, out popped Bobby Powell who is a natural born soul singer who really could let out some mind blowing wails. Like many from the southern portions of the U.S. he could best be described as a soul singer whose roots went deep into gospel music, performing with church groups even while attending Southern University For The Blind. Bobby hooked up with one of the many small southern-based labels which simply did not have the financial means to push their artists. In Bobby's case, that was Lionel Whitfield's operation out of Shreveport, Louisiana which, naturally, he called Whit Records. Despite being with such a tiny label Powell's talent shined through and in 1965 his rendition of the song made famous 40 years earlier by Ma Rainey as See See Rider Blues, went to no1 on the Cash Box R&B charts, 12 on the Billboard R&B charts, crossed over to the Billboard Pop Hot 100 at 76 in December. He followed up with a couple of minor success's in 1967 with Why Am I Treated So Bad and then later in 1971 with The Bells On Our Wedding Day. Peace Begins Within is a protest song against the Vietnam war, however I don't hold this against it as the musical arrangements and the originality of Bobby's vocal really blow me away. So do yourself a favour and get yourself down to your nearest quality record store and pick up the best of for your collection. Or Alternatively click here and buy from Amazon.
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