ii last night an mp3 saved my wife

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Benny Sings - no more drinks.mp3

Great nights out are all too often followed by days when you have to struggle through whatever it is that you do, and today is one of those long long days for me.
The opening lyric "see your number on my mobile, but the truth is i can't recall your face" does help a little, i even manage a smile. The rest of the lyrics are pretty funny too, a new number in the mobile is the least of Benny's worries... dried blood on his pillow, probably from that fight with "those two bouncers", as well as remembering lying down on the dance floor.. "oh fool!"

This track is the perfect hangover cure, in fact by the outro Benny's voice fades away as he unconvincing sings "no more drinks for me" round and round, probably on his way to the fridge to grab a cold one. Always the best cure!

No More Drinks is from Benny Sings' second album I Love You on Sonar Kollektiv. It claims to be a live album recorded at Amsterdam's Bim Huis, but i think that's a hoax. It sounds to me like a studio album with some crowd noises from a gig mixed in afterwards. I may be wrong, and if i am then the London gig at the Old Truman Brewery on the 29th April will be increadible!
(click here for another taster from the album at Dox Records) then...
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